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Let me set the scene: You wake up and wash your face. You take the train to work, followed by a bus and maybe a little walking. You then sit in the office, where you encounter just about every type of germ that your colleagues are carrying (sorry but it’s true…bare with me) for the majority of the day. You walk, bus, train home, crashing on your pillow that incidentally contains a bunch of yesterday’s leftover pollutants. Rinse and repeat this cycle as desired.

Our skin faces daily wear and tear. After a long day, your skin can end up looking visibly strained and tight. Daily travel exposes us to a heavy amount of pollutants as we encounter various things in the air around us. But it must also be noted that natural elements, like the sun or wind, can also affect our skin’s rejuvenation. We’re talking about the difference between hydrated, healthy skin and the dry, flaky, dull type. So, any of you countryside villagers out there thinking that this review doesn’t apply to you- read on.

Facial creams provide the hydrating qualities we need to cleanse our skin and rejuvenate our pores. A good moisturizer can add an extra layer of protection to our already over-exposed faces. So, why choose Nivea? Nivea Creme is the pioneer of face creams, having used the same formula since its conception over a hundred years ago. There’s nothing like a hundred-year history to provide a quality guarantee. But what’s their secret?

Nivea Creme History Explained

Man with arms around woman.

Creating products for both women and men helped make Nivea successful.

Let’s delve a bit into Nivea Creme’s history. The invention of eucerit by the chemist Dr. Troplowitz led to a revolutionary step in the exportation of creams. Nivea Creme relies greatly on eucerit, which is essentially an emulsifier that combines water and oil into a durable mixture. The emulsion itself has a snow-white color and was the namesake of the brand. Nivea stems from the Latin words “nix, nivis”, meaning snow. One of the most well-known brands in the moisturizing industry, Nivea certainly knows creams. As they themselves claim: “it’s kind of our thing”.

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The strong emulsifier meant that the cream itself maintained its texture throughout shipments. This meant that within three years, nearly all of Nivea’s sales were from overseas due to their availability on every continent. In addition, one of Dr. Troplowitz’s main goals was to create something that was affordable for all. A household staple if you will.

When Nivea launched its male products, catering to both men and women was unheard of. This revolutionary concept propelled the brand further into being one of the top staple skin care products that we use today. It has since evolved and does not only provide creams but also other essentials such as body washes, lip balms and shaving products.

Nivea Creme Ingredients Breakdown

Woman applying lotion.

Nivea creme will hydrate your skin without leaving you feeling greasy.

There are many ingredients that make up what we take for granted as our daily face cream. A ‘cream’ as a substance is not something that is made naturally. It takes emulsifiers and stabilizers to achieve that perfect combination between liquid and solid to create what we call a cream. As we said, the key ingredient in Nivea Creme is eucerit, which is made from lanolin found in sheep’s wool. This is the base emulsifier that keeps the mixture creamy.

Another ingredient that cannot be undermined is glycerin, a humectant that attracts water and seals moisture into the skin. Having said that, nobody wants that gel-like, lubricated feeling that sometimes remains as residue post-moisturizing. That’s where glycerin comes in – it combats dry skin without leaving you feeling greasy. Not only does it draw moisture from the air and lock it into the skin, but it also creates a protective layer to prevent moisture loss.

The crucial binder of these two ingredients is a substance called cera microcristallina. It’s a hydrocarbon wax derived from petroleum that acts as an emulsion stabilizer. Which is basically just a fancy way of saying that it maintains the stability or texture of the eucerit.

Nivea Creme Review

African american woman with nivea creme tin.

Nivea creme can benefit most everyone.

The most enticing aspect of Nivea Creme is that essentially it’s all-purpose. You can use the one container for your body, face and hands. It’s an incredibly thick mixture, which surprisingly does not leave white, greasy residue like you would expect it to (thanks to those emulsifiers we discussed).

My skin literally drank this stuff up. It’s not like I don’t moisturize regularly, so I was surprised by how quickly my body responded to this. The fact that it’s so thick means it quickly and effectively targets those dry, even cracked areas of skin that need real attention but get overlooked by the usual moisturizers. Typically, the moisturizers I use have very limited results. A quick fix if you will. The Nivea Creme is not like that. You can really feel your skin soaking up the moisture and storing it for a lasting effect.

The fact that the packaging itself comes in different sizes is an added bonus. I’m a sucker for fun-sized or mammoth-sized paraphernalia, so anything that comes in different sizes makes me happy. I would recommend getting the small size of the Nivea Creme container for personal use, and the largest one to have around the house.

Finally, I think it’s always important to mention the scent of a product. Nivea Creme does not disappoint. When looking for the perfect moisturizer, many brands focus their advertising specifically on the smell of the product. They boast that it contains either soothing aloe vera or rich shea butter, both of which have unique scents. Some of us, however, don’t like those sickly-sweet smells that are hard to avoid. The milky, fresh scent of Nivea Creme doesn’t conform to these expectations. It just smells clean. And who doesn’t want to smell clean?

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DIY Nivea Creme Recipe And Guide

Three vials surrounded by natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients for DIY Nivea Creme.

Your skin absorbs what you put on it. Where do things go from there? Into the blood stream! The skin is essentially just another pathway into the body like your mouth, eyes or nose. This makes it critical to take care what you expose your skin to. Now, if like me you don’t particularly enjoy spending your precious shopping time reading the illegible ingredients on the back of containers, then a DIY moisturizer is your solution.

Not only do you know what’s going into your body, but it generally comes out cheaper, too! Now that I’ve convinced you, here’s an easy recipe for your first try:

Place 2 tablespoons of organic aloe vera gel into a bowl. Mix 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and 1 teaspoon of almond oil in a separate bowl. Almond oil is great because of its hydration qualities. It contains Vitamin E oil, which is actually used to heal scarred tissue. Once you mix the oils, add half of them into the bowl holding the aloe vera. Aloe vera contains anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities. It heals and soothes the skin. You couldn’t ask for a better natural component to cure your flaky complexion.

At this point, start mixing the ingredients together vigorously until an emulsion starts to form. Add the rest of the oil and keep stirring the gel until it combines with the oil to produce a perfectly smooth cream. Sesame oil and almond oil are renowned for their highly hydrating benefits, but essentially you could use any oil you wanted. Make sure to use the raw, organic forms of these oils to ensure you have the ingredients in their purest state.

Add 3 drops of both lavender and cedar wood essential oils and continue mixing to complete the cream. Use this cream as often as desired but beware: it’s free of all preservatives so therefore will have a limited shelf life. Try to consume within 3 weeks.


Let’s go back to our original scenario. After just an average day, your poor skin is craving some hydration. This scenario doesn’t even take into consideration those long-haul flights or a mountainous hike! If you’re telling me you don’t see the harmful effects on your skin, I don’t believe you. Our skin visibly tightens and dries up if we don’t lock in that layer of moisture it needs.

If you’re sick of using multiple moisturizers to target different parts of the body, Nivea Creme is the brand for you! A century is a long time to cater to the skin’s varying and developing needs. A one-product-for-all-uses is my kind of moisturizer.

However, making your own moisturizer can have its benefits. You know exactly what is in the product with the added satisfaction of knowing you made something on your own. Be your own chemist. And have fun with it! Next time your friends want to borrow some moisturizer, you could give them some Nivea Creme for that promised quick-fix. But if you’re feeling generous you could offer them your natural, home-made cream. When they ask you where it’s from, you’ll shock them with your answer!

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