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Are you a fan of high-end, drugstore makeup? If you answered ‘yes’ to that question (which I’ll bet you did – everyone likes quality makeup and no-one likes to spend a fortune), then check out this article where the cosmetic company in the spotlight is: Milani.

Milani Cosmetics Background & History

How did Milani come to be the cosmetic line that we know and love today? The founders of Milani, siblings Ralph Bijou and Laurie Minc, originally owned a cosmetic company by the name Jordana. In 2002, after having been inspired by the cutting-edge fashion of the city of Milan, Italy, they chose to open another makeup brand in the same store as Jordana. They called their new franchise Milani, as a tribute to the city of its inspiration.

Milani is a high-end drugstore cosmetic brand – quality makeup for a reduced price. Its popularity lies in its unique color shades. They are appropriate for all skin tones, including women of color and the very fair-skinned. Similarly, their makeup is known for its rich, pigmented color and superior quality.

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Milani Cosmetics Products Overview

Milani Cosmetics includes products for your lips, eyes, eyebrows, face, and nails – and not just makeup, but lip scrubs and lip color remover, too. The company also has a range of brushes for all your makeup application needs.

Milani Cosmetics Blush Line Review

Assortment of blushes.

The Milani blush line.

Milani has three lines of blush: Rose Powder blush, Baked Blush, and Color Harmony Blush. It’s a hard call, but of the three I would probably recommend the Baked Blush. First off, the Baked Blushes come in eleven colors. So it’s very likely you’ll find one color (or more) that matches your skin tone. These blushes are super pigmented, so use only the smallest amount unless you especially like a lot of color. They’re pretty versatile – you can use them as blush, highlighter, or eyeshadow, depending on the shade. While most of the Baked Blushes are shimmery, there are a couple of matte ones in the range if you’re not a shimmer girl. My favorite colors are Berry Amore (Berry rose with a gold shimmer through it) and Rosa Romantica (Soft, dusty pink with a light shimmer). They’re very different, but both are stunning.

The Milani Rose blushes are another beautiful product. While not available in quite as many shades as the Baked Blushes, there are still five gorgeous colors to choose from. As expected, the blushes are very pigmented, so you only need a small amount of product. If you use a bit too much, don’t stress, just keep blending – these blushes are super easy to blend. Plus, each one is imprinted with a pretty rose pattern.

The Color Harmony blushes are four blush colors in one. And there are four available, so it’s basically available in at least sixteen shades. You can use each color on its own. Or you can blend two, three, or all of them together, creating your own custom color blush. As Milani says, “Your cheek color can be a unique expression of you”.

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Milani Cosmetics Amore Matte Lip Creme Review

Amore matte lip crème.

Amore matte lip crème.

Milani produces 2 lines of lipstick: their Color Statement range, and their Amore Matte Lip Crème range, which is what this review will be focusing on. In the Amore Matte Lip Crème range, you can choose either a metallic matte finish or a regular matte finish (which will give you more color options to choose from). This lipstick is a must-have. Every single shade is beautiful, and I find myself wishing that certain colors would suit me because they are just so pretty that I wish I could have them all.

The Amore lipsticks are easy-to-apply, liquid lipsticks that will seriously last you all day and into the night – they’re actually pretty hard to get off; you’ll really have to scrub to get all the color off because they are so long-wearing. They feel amazing on your lips – they’re light, and not as drying as most matte and long-lasting lipsticks. There is virtually zero transfer with these lipsticks, and if you feel that you need a touch-up during the day, these will reapply beautifully without caking or crumbling. Special mention to the color Beautiful – a deep, dark red that is exactly as its name proclaims it to be. But there are 35 colors to choose from in the regular Amore Matte range, and eighteen in the Amore Matte Metallic range, so you’re bound to find your own favorite shades in this fabulous product.

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Milani Cosmetics Everyday Eyes Powder Eye Shadow Review

Milani everyday eyes powder eye shadow.

Milani everyday eyes powder eye shadow.

There are currently eight of the Milani Cosmetics Everyday Eyes powder eye shadow palettes available, and you might want to start saving up because you’ll probably be buying them all. I absolutely cannot choose a favorite even though I am really trying to, because they are all awesome. There are nude palettes, a matte palette, a vibrant palette, a metallics palette – pretty much any palette you could ever need for any eyeshadow look.

There are six shadows in each palette, and on the back of each is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to easily achieve a beautiful eyeshadow look. These shadows can be applied wet and dry, and most are a mix of shimmery and matte eyeshadows, except for the Matte Basics and Must Have Metallics palettes. Some are more pigmented than others, but overall these shadows are not overly-pigmented, so you can build them up for a stronger and more dramatic look. They will last you all day and can be used on your face to contour and define, as well.

Milani Cosmetics Conceal And Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation Concealer Review

Milani conceal and perfect foundation.

Milani conceal and perfect foundation.

The Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation is available in 19 shades and is a very decent dupe for a high-end foundation. You can use it as a full coverage foundation, or as a concealer for under-eye circles and blemishes. Because the consistency is extremely thick, you don’t have to use a lot of product to achieve full coverage. It’s really smooth and blends well with fingers, a foundation brush, and a beauty sponge.

This foundation and concealer works best on normal skin; However, if you have dry skin, it will also work well with a moisturizing primer underneath. A 2006 study on the moisturizing effect of cosmetic formulations containing aloe vera revealed that this natural succulent is definitely one to look out for in a primer for dry skin. Meanwhile, if you have oily skin, you may need setting powder on top to get rid of shine. But for the price, it’s definitely a good foundation for everyday use – it will last a while, and $10 a bottle, it’s great value for money.

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Is Milani Cosmetics Cruelty Free? Does Milani Cosmetics Test On Animals?

Milani is a certified cruelty-free cosmetic company. They do not test on animals, use ingredients that have been tested on animals or sell their products in China.

Are Milani Cosmetics Products Vegan?

While Milani is not specifically a vegan brand, they do have an extensive range of products that are vegan-friendly. If you’re interested in a certain product, view it on their website and it will specify if it is vegan.


Milani Cosmetics really deserves more recognition. They seem to be slightly underrated – I actually don’t think I know anyone who uses Milani products! It’s a shame, because their quality is really good, and the prices are very decent. Next time you’re at your local pharmacy like Walgreens, why not give Milani a try? For only $11, you can pick up an essential eyeshadow palette; for six dollars, you get a Color Statement Matte lipstick. It’s not that big an expense, and as every girl knows, there’s no such thing as having too much makeup.

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