Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits: Is Marjoram Essential Oil Safe?

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Marjoram is an herb that’s been known for its amazing healing properties and flavor-enhancing texture for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In fact, the herb features in ancient Greek mythology. It was a main ingredient in the love potions of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. So other than making your stew, soup or meat dish taste excellent, you can also use the herb (and its essential oil) as a natural aphrodisiac to reinvigorate your love life.

However, even if you’re not aware of marjoram you might know its closely related cousin: oregano. These plants share many of the same chemical and nutrient properties. They’re often mistaken for one another, as oregano is also known as wild marjoram. The plants smell similar too, although marjoram has a lighter flavor than oregano. 

So if you’ve ever had any experience with oregano or oregano essential oil, you’ll know what to expect when utilizing marjoram oil. You can use the oils in combination with one another to help strengthen their medicinal properties or scent (for aromatherapy). You can also use them as substitutes for one another.

Marjoram has many qualities and chemical compounds that generally occur in pharmaceutical products as active ingredients. The benefits of marjoram oil can be attributed to its role as a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, digestive, sedative and analgesic treatment, among many others. It’s affordable and effective. And it’s good as a supplement or alternative to most pharmaceutical pain-killers, moisturizers, tranquilizers and flu treatments.

What Is Marjoram Essential Oil?

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Marjoram oil contains vitamin C as well as plenty of other nutrients.

The marjoram plant is a low-lying shrub that is native to Turkey, parts of the Middle-East, as well as around the Mediterranean basin and certain areas of Southern Europe. The leaves of the plant are the most important aspect in terms of medicinal use and for general cultivation. 

Marjoram essential oil contains a wide range of phytochemicals, nutrients and vitamins that are essential to making it an effective medicinal treatment. These include high amounts of vitamin A and C, which are good for your skin, eyes and general immune system, as well as minerals such as calcium and iron. These are effective in allowing your body to heal better and faster. They can also help protect against disease and infection over time.

The oil is also rich in naturally occurring sesquiterpenes, terpenes, linalool and sabinene, which make it highly effective in treating our skin, hair and general health.

How Is Marjoram Essential Oil Made?

So how exactly is marjoram essential oil made? It’s produced through a process known as steam distillation. This is one of the oldest means of distilling oils from organic matter. It’s still regarded as one of the best ways to do so. The finished product is of a high quality and free of chemical impurities.

First the leaves of the plant are gathered, crushed, and placed in a large vat of boiling water. They boil for roughly 5-6 hours. During this period, the steam produced by the water extracts the phytochemicals and bioactive compounds contained within the organic matter through evaporation.

The nutrient-rich steam gathers at the top of the vat. Through a difference in pressure, it passes into a separate cooling chamber. The steam gathers and condenses to form droplets, which later gather at the base of the chamber. They make up the final product that we know asessential oil. The oil is referred to as ‘essential’ because it contains the same essence as the organic matter it’s derived from.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil vs. Spanish Marjoram Essential Oil Explained

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You can use Spanish marjoram oil to relieve aches and pains.

The differences between sweet marjoram oil and Spanish marjoram oil are not huge, but they are definitely notable. Spanish marjoram is similar to oregano oil. The two smell and look very similar and share many of the same chemical compounds and qualities. The oil is also similar to sweet marjoram oil, but the former has a distinctively lighter smell and color.

Spanish marjoram oil derives its name from the region in which it originated, Spain. It commonly grows in the lower, more southern regions of the country. Unlike sweet marjoram oil, Spanish marjoram oil mostly comes from the flowers of the bush. It’s usually orange in color.

In general, I would recommend Spanish marjoram oil for external use only. This is because it can be toxic when ingested orally, unlike its cousin, sweet marjoram oil. Spanish marjoram oil is highly effective as an antifungal treatment. You can use it to treat issues such as athlete’s foot. It’s also helpful for minor cuts or wounds and pain associated with joint or muscle ache.

As effective as Spanish marjoram oil is as a medicinal treatment, I would generally recommend sweet marjoram instead. Is it’s more versatile and non-toxic, so there’s far less risk involved in using it medicinally.

Does Marjoram Essential Oil Stop Snoring?

Lavender growing in a field.

You can mix lavender oil with marjoram oil to treat sleep apnea.

Snoring is an annoying disorder that generally affects everyone other than the person who’s snoring. So if you know you’re a snorer, it’s either because you snore so loudly that you wake yourself up or because someone told you about it. There are many causes for snoring, including aging, alcohol consumption, dehydration, obesity and clogged nasal passages. When you snore, your tongue generally tends to roll back in your mouth. It blocks up the back of your throat and your uvula/soft-palate relax, leading to further blockage.

Many people opt to use marjoram essential oil for snoring because it can help clear blocked nasal passages and promote normal breathing. The essential oil can also be used to treat sleep apnea – another common cause of snoring. For the best effects in treating this issue, I recommend using a mixture of marjoram, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oil. Simply add 5 drops of each oil to a glass of warm water. Then gargle a few times for 3 minutes before sleeping. You’ll start seeing noticeable effects in the reduction of your snoring within 2 weeks.

Does Marjoram Essential Oil Help Pregnancy?

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Check with your doctor before using marjoram essential oil while you’re pregnant.

In general, I do not recommend using any essential oils during your pregnancy (or at least during the first trimester). Very few studies have been carried out on their effects on unborn children, and essential oils have been known to affect both the health of the child in the womb as well as the birthing process.

If you do, however, decide to make use of any essential oils to treat any issues over the course of your pregnancy, it’s always important to consult a doctor or qualified healthcare professional before doing so. And always use the oil in small, regulated amounts.

That being said, you can use marjoram essential oil in small amounts to help treat and relieve the signs of stretch marks that are common during pregnancy. You can also inhale the oil in small amounts to help relieve morning sickness and nausea. Again, though, it’s important for me to stress that all of this should be done with extreme caution. The quality of a child’s health is of the utmost importance – so safety first is a good motto here.

Does Marjoram Essential Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

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Marjoram essential oil can help you manage your blood pressure and be healthier.

Keeping your blood pressure balanced is important for ensuring heart health and is essential for healthy living. Think of your arteries as a highway and your blood like the traffic that passes over that road. Over time, the road needs maintenance or repairs to avoid serious damage.

Blood pressure is the measurement of the blood flow pushing against the walls of your arteries. Without this flow, the cells couldn’t carry oxygen to your body’s different organs. However, much like the road metaphor, over time, or when you start gaining weight, the pressure increases and can lead to long-term damage of your arteries. It can even lead to heart disease or heart attacks.

So preventing the rise of blood pressure is something we should all be concerned about. There are a few symptoms you can be aware of, like headaches, vision problems, breathing difficulty, an irregular heartbeat, and most obviously – blood in your urine.

If you feel you might be suffering from high blood pressure, it’s important to consult your doctor to determine how serious the issue is and what your possible routes of treatment may be. However, the good news is that essential oils, and marjoram in particular, can be highly effective in treating high blood pressure at any age.

Marjoram essential oil helps reduce high blood pressure by relaxing and widening your blood vessels, allowing blood to pass through more easily. It can also help reduce the formation of cholesterol in your body and reduce your cholesterol levels by breaking down excess fat cells. The oil can also be used in aromatherapy to help reduce stress and anxiety, thus greatly lowering the chances of developing heart disease.

What Side Effects Does Marjoram Essential Oil Have?

Three bottles of essential oil.

Essential oils are typically safe to use.

When it comes to talking about the side effects of essential oils, I always say the same thing (and it applies to every aspect of life)- too much of a good thing can be bad for you. In general, essential oils are largely safe to use for anyone. They’re non-irritant and non-toxic. However, the common type of negative reaction that people have when using essential oils is an allergic one. Although rare, there’s nothing you can do about having an allergy other than avoid that which you’re allergic to. So if your skin becomes inflamed or itchy after applying an essential oil, you’re probably having an allergic reaction. As such, I recommend patch-testing the oil for a few days before applying it regularly or in large amounts.

With regards to marjoram essential oil’s side effects specifically, there aren’t many precautions I can give. It’s generally safe for use in adults both topically and orally. However, as I previously mentioned, take extra precautions when using the oil during pregnancy or on a young child. Even though these are natural and non-toxic products, they still contain loads of phytochemicals that can have negative effects. So always consult a doctor before doing so, and practice caution.


In essence, marjoram oil is a great natural product to add to your collection. Especially if you’re already a keen supporter of the natural or holistic lifestyle. You can use it as a treatment for a variety of health issues both internally and externally. The oil blends easily with other essential oils. And you can even use it in the kitchen for cooking and baking – it’s not only a medicinal product.

In terms of getting the best value for your money, marjoram essential oil is definitely one of the best investments you can make when it comes to natural products and essential oils in particular. The oil is affordable and readily available, and it will make a noticeable difference in your life. If you’re a snorer, suffer from high blood pressure or are looking for a natural replacement for your current skin treatment products, then look no further than marjoram essential oil. This is one of the few times that I feel I can say with confidence that you won’t be disappointed in trying this natural product as a solution or replacement.

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