Manitoba Harvest Hemp Products Review

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They say two wrongs don’t make a right, you can’t add up 2+2 and come out with 5, and other math metaphors, but Manitoba Harvest seems to have taken an old product, and an old issue, and somehow turned into an innovative product.

The oldest remnants of civilization is a scrap of hemp fabric dating back to around 8,000 BC. So, we’ve had that at our dispense for a while now you might say. The other issue is getting the nutrients we need in a busy lifestyle. That one’s more time-specific in the fast pace world of today, but every era has its health problems.

Then comes the question: why have we not turned to hemp before? Somewhere along the way, hemp became taboo when it got pulled into the re-branding of marijuana, but guys, they’re not the same. Manitoba Harvest understood that, and is now making hemp the product you didn’t know you needed.

What Is Hemp?

Side view of cannabis plant.

The cannabis plant.

Hemp is just cannabis right? Well, you’re not wrong. It is cannabis, but how much do you know about cannabis? It’s a whole family, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be judged by some of your relatives, so why not hear hemp out and see what it’s got to offer?

The essential difference between marijuana and hemp, although they are from the cannabis family, is their tetrahydrocannabinol content, or good ol’ THC. THC is the active ingredient that takes your cannabis plant from good to groovy, if you catch my drift. And the thing is, hemp has none of it. Well, it has less than 1%, which puts it in the ‘non psychoactive’ category, meaning, you won’t get high. You can’t, because the body processes that amount quicker than you can smoke it. That’s just not what it does. What it does have in common with mary jane is CBD, the ingredient responsible for all it’s healing properties.  

Ok, so we aren’t smoking it, what can we do with it? Excellent question. Basically everything. It’s grown in in Australia, Russia, and France, to name a few. What do these places have in common? Nothing. You know why? Because hemp has such few requirements when it comes to cultivation that it can thrive in most environments. Not only can it thrive, but it actually gives back to the soil. By breathing in CO2, the plant is detoxifying the soil, preparing it for the next crop, shielding against soil erosion and needs little to no pesticides. It doesn’t get more low maintenance than that.

You can use its stalks for making ropes, fabrics, and other materials. It’s capable of creating plastic and has a 97% efficiency rate in converting biodiesel. Oh, and it’s all biodegradable. Most of that stuff is the work of the stalk, while the seeds and flowers are often used (but not often enough)  in health foods, organic body care, and other nutraceuticals. Let’s change that with a little more schooling.

The Health Benefits of Hemp Explained

Close up of hemp leaves.

Hemp leaf.

When you’re talking health and hemp it’s really simple. It’s easy to produce, and environmentally friendly. But as a source of nutrients…things only get better. Big picture, hemp seeds help with weight management in that they stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce appetite. They assist in cases of Parkinson’s, MS, Neuropathic pain, and Alzheimer’s. And that’s all in extreme cases. On the daily, these guys pack quite the punch.

Hemp seeds are packed with iron, zinc, B vitamins, all 9 amino acids. Some of these things, like the amino acids, aren’t produced naturally by the body so high sources are very, very favorable. Aside from that, the iron and other elements of hemp seeds are comparable to meat, milk, eggs, and soy, making it a legitimate contender on the fast track to supplementing your healthy diet.

What Is Manitoba Harvest?

Basically, this guy, Mike Fata, discovered the benefits of hemp for himself when he did a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul after being inspired by his two young kids. Wanting a better appreciation of food for his kids, drove Mike to creating an entire line of Hemp supplements of all shapes and sizes.

Changing a lifestyle is not easy, and when these guys say passion project, they mean passion. Each grain goes through 34 tests throughout production to ensure their quality before making it to you. Their belief in quality goes from conception to packaging as they work directly with the farmers cultivating these non-GMO babies. As a company they are committed to the community and the environment, earning them the status of a Certified B Corporation. So that’s who they are.  Conscientious people, with a conscientious product.

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Manitoba Harvest Product Breakdown

The first thing you’ll notice about Manitoba Harvest products are the packaging, like most things. And let’s just say that their attention to detail isn’t limited to product alone. The packaging is fun, and vibrant, but aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it’s cater-made to the product.

Each product is packed to get the most of the product. For example, fresh products are sealed in an airtight pouch to ensure that all the natural goodness is locked in. Their products range from fresh snacks, Hemp Heart Bites, to Hemp Oil for your salad. The products make for a great snack or a high fiber, natural substitute for products you might already be using.

Why should you swap something that’s already working for you? Great question, but also kind of embarrassing for you because you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The habit of supplements can be great, but we’re talking about the benefits of a well-rounded, holistic seed. A seed that, if swapped with enough products, has a higher rate of production, a healthier rate of production, and basically takes care of itself and the planet while taking care of you.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review

Orange packet of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.

Not just a cute name, these guys give you the heart of the hemp seed (meaning, they’re shelled) but also the heart of the nutrient. Their consistency is similar to sunflower seeds, in the way that they walk the line between soft and hard. You get that crunch with little resistance. They have a nutty kind of taste to them so they aren’t only adding nutrient value, but also taste.

The taste thing is a big one for me personally. These guys taste a little like a pine nut. Not to throw unnecessary shade or anything, but chia seeds taste like nothing. Which, in a shake is fine for some antioxidants, but sprinkled on top of oats, or salad, where’s the incentive? Even when we’re talking antioxidants and superfoods, hemp actually stands up against chia seeds. Hemp seeds contain twice the amount of protein as chia – and flax by the way – while actually having lower carbohydrates.

They’re also heart healthy with all their omegas that they’re packing. So I’m just saying, who’s the real superfood?  Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are ready to be sprinkled on to anything that you feel could use a little kick. 

Manitoba Harvest Protein Powder Review

Bottles of protein powder lined up in a row.

Hemp Yeah! Protein Powder.

Morning shake, or post workout protein powder is a great supplement for building muscle tone, repairing muscles, or just a general energy kick. Traditionally whey has been the way to go. Don’t judge me, it had to be said. But the point at hand, whey does have high protein content, but that’s all it has to offer. Hemp, on the other hand, comes at you with it’s heart-healthy fats, it’s fiber, and it’s protein. If you’re reading until this point, I don’t have to tell you how beneficial all that is to maintaining a happily functioning you.

Listen, I love a good shake, so I try and make each shake count. Making it count means knowing what’s out there to best suit your body’s needs. Manitoba Harvest have four different supplements and three different flavors over their range, appropriately called Hemp Yeah! Because…hemp…yeah! Over-explanations aside, offering four different kinds of proteins means you’re able to give your body the boost it needs.

You’ve got your Plant Protein Blend, all the goodness of hemp and pea protein; you’ve got your Max Protein when you’re really trying to amp it up. Then you’ve got Max Fibre with 46% of your fiber intake in just one serve; Lastly, Balanced Protein + Fibre for a little bit of all the magic.

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Manitoba Harvest and their incredible products not only already have a place in your diet, but are really the propulsion forward that we need to make reusable energy sources more readily available. The more demand, the better chance we have of creating a sustainable future and change the taboo around hemp. Also, let’s look super hot and feel fit doing it, added perk.