Makeup Geek Cosmetics Review: Time To Geek Out?

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As a self-professed makeup addict, I love trying out new brands and colors of makeup to see what works and what I should add to my already-overflowing makeup collection. This hobby of mine has actually gotten to be more-than-slightly expensive, especially when I am trying out expensive brands that charge between $12 and $15 for a single eyeshadow pan! 

I actually discovered Makeup Geek while I was looking into a different brand of makeup. The brand I was researching had really good products, but they were no cheaper than a lot of the other brands I have tried in the past. I came across an article that was showing how Makeup Geek offered the exact same colors, but for a much cheaper price, and I thought, “Hey, that looks awesome!” A bit more digging revealed that a lot of people are crazy about Makeup Geek’s products. You’ll always find the people who have other preferences, but on the whole, the responses were very positive. I was really impressed with what I saw, and it made me decide to give Makeup Geek a try.

Makeup Geek Background and History Explained

Makeup Geek was started by popular YouTube presence Marlena Stell in 2009. She was originally a high school music teacher with a passion for makeup, and she would regularly post videos on YouTube showing how to apply makeup. Her videos were supposed to be a hobby; something she did because she loved makeup, but not actually as a source of income.

Stell was bothered by the fact that makeup brands were selling their products for almost-scandalous prices. She believed that quality makeup should be affordable to everyone, and so began to research starting her own makeup line. She quit her teaching job and put all her energies into her makeup line. The company became wildly popular and now brings in a monthly profit of $1 million!

Makeup Geek Products Overview

Makeup Geek sells all sorts of good-quality makeup products, without the prices that many quality brand names give to their products. They cover your lips, face, eyes, lashes – everything! Unfortunately, they don’t (yet) produce their own mascara, but if you visit their website you can get a range of false lashes, which is cool.

For other new and creative beauty brands check out MAC Cosmetics, Red Apple Lipstick, & Makeup Forever.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Line & Colors Review

Open palette of neutral eyeshadows.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Palette.

Do you like to purchase your eyeshadow in individual pans? Do you prefer palettes of eyeshadow? If you answered yes to either question, check out Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow line.

Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow palettes are all awesome. Here are a few options you can try: 

  • My favorite is the In The Nude 9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette because I’m crazy about neutral color eyeshadows. I love the colors as they are, but you can also use them (really – any of them!) as a base color to blend into your skin and then use a darker color on top.
  • Makeup Geek has 101 individual eyeshadow colors, from the soft and subtle to the bold and daring. If you want to cover all bases, I recommend that you try the Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette V5. It has your nudes and pinks (like Beaches & Cream or Cupcake), earthy colors like Cocoa Bear and Tan Lines, dramatic purples and dark brown and black colors (like Drama Queen and Corrupt), and even some fun colors like Limelight, which is a lime green color.
  • Besides the Nude palette and the Ultimate palette, you could also try the Starter Kit and Vault Palette Bundle, which is kind of like a seriously abridged version of the Ultimate palette. There are light colors, earthy colors and dark colors, and it comes in a pack of 9 like the Nude set.
  • There’s also the Not So Basic palette, which has colors that you might think are basic but if you know how to apply them properly, can do miracles for your makeover and you’ll learn that they’re actually not as basic as you thought they were.  

Makeup Geek Burlesque Eyeshadow Pan Review

So I know I said before that I love nudes for my eyeshadow, and I really do. I find them to be really natural-looking and they really bring out the color in my eyes (which are dark green with gold), so they’re generally my go-to colors. But I’m also a real girl, and my favorite color is pink (ask anyone!), which naturally means that I have pink clothes. I love it when my makeup matches my outfit, and that’s where pink eyeshadow comes in. Makeup Geek has this awesome color called Burlesque, which is a dark pink color; burgundy really. I love light pink colors as well, but I find that because my skin is fair, they tend to get lost and don’t do a lot for me, which is why I love this darker shade.

The great thing about this colour is that it looks gorgeous on its own, and even better (in my opinion) when blended together with a lighter shade like Moondust (a shimmery silvery-gold) or Twilight, which is advertised as being a “muted purple”, but I actually think it looks more like a dusty pink with a hint of purple, especially when applied with Burlesque. If you’re after a dramatic look, you can apply Burlesque as your main color and touch it up with a darker shade or base color, like Cocoa Bear (chocolate brown, which blends really well with Burlesque) or Bitten (yeah, so the name kind of freaks me out, but it’s actually a really perfect description of this dark burgundy-red colour).

I like to stay a bit safer, and I don’t especially like such a strong look, but I still love to dress up my eyes. If you’re like me, you can try applying Burlesque to about half your eyelid, the half that is closer to your ear, and then a small amount at the other tip of your eyelid for extra color. In between, I would recommend a lighter shade, such as Twilight or Moondust, like I said above. The colors go beautifully together and blend really well.

Where Can You Buy Makeup Geek Makeup?

You can purchase Makeup Geek eyeshadow from online stores like Beauty Bay, and sites like eBay and Amazon. All their products are available on their website, Makeup Geek ship their products internationally, so you can order them from almost anywhere.

Is Makeup Geek Cruelty Free? Is Makeup Geek Vegan?

Makeup Geek is completely cruelty-free, so you can trust that none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals.

Makeup Geek offers many vegan products, including their pigments, Plush, Iconic Lipstick line, and a special line of eyeshadows called Vegan Eyeshadow Bundle. Unfortunately, not all of their products are vegan (absent of animal ingredients or byproducts), but the majority of them are. You can view their full list of vegan products online, by searching for “Makeup Geek cruelty-free and vegan info”.


If you love makeup but aren’t looking to spend a fortune, check out Makeup Geek’s great range of products. You can try creating your own eyeshadow palette, or use a pre-made one. Either way, you’re getting a quality product, with whatever colors you could possibly want and at a price you’ll love.

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