Makeup Forever Eye Shadow Review: Safe For Skin?

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Remember how exciting it was when your mom would let you use her eye shadow when you were a little girl? I think every mother owned a light blue shade of eye shadow that she bought. Especially for when you asked her to do your makeup aged 5. I never saw one mom wearing that shade. But conspiracy theories aside, eye shadows these days have taken on a whole new meaning.

No longer do we simply swish on a shade for an extra pop of color. It’s safe to say that, like the art of ‘contouring’, this once habitual part of your makeup routine has taken on a whole new meaning. Words that used to sound foreign to me, like ‘outer V’ and ‘crease line’, are now just a part of my cosmetic vocabulary.

With this new understanding of eye shadows comes the equally novel hardships of finding a ‘good’ eye shadow. Pigmentation, blend-ability, and fallout are all concerns when it comes to finding an eye shadow that fits the bill. That’s where Make Up For Ever comes in. If you’re looking for dramatic, professional makeup made for the everyday woman look no further.

Quality is something that this brand doesn’t compromise on. Which is why they were my first stop in my search for the perfect eye shadow.

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow Line Overview

eye shadow being applied to eye

Eye shadow was actually Make Up For Ever’s first product.

Eye shadows were the first products to be developed by Make Up For Ever founder Danny Sanz in 1984. This means that the brand has had over 30 years to perfect this formula. The fact that it was originally designed to be used by makeup artists in all areas of the entertainment industry is a testimony to the durability and quality of Make Up For Ever’s products. According to Make Up For Ever, “each product stems from a professional need”, so it comes as no surprise that their eye shadows are bold and heavily pigmented.

The innovation of Make Up For Ever’s eye shadow line comes from the fact that you can build your own palette. You can buy various-sized, empty refillable cases ranging from two color refills up to six! This means you can tailor a palette to your specific taste and needs.

We all know what it’s like to buy a whole palette for those three shadows you use religiously and those three that just don’t suit your skin type whatsoever. With this mix and match ability, you can build a palette that you know you’re going to use every shade of! Layer, smudge and blend to your heart’s content.

If you’re one of those people who gets nervous at any chance for makeup independence (“what do you mean I have to build my own palette?”), then the Star Lit Palette might be a better choice for you. It comes with eighteen shades with three different finishes, so you can mix and match from the comfort of a professionally put-together palette. There’s also the Artist Palette 1 and 2 if you’re looking for something even more basic. With only nine shades in each set, these are more of a go-to than an all-in-one palette.

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow Palette Breakdown

women's arms with swatches

The Star Lit Eye Shadow Palette.

Out of the Make Up For Ever eye shadow palettes, the Star Lit Eye Palette was the one that caught my eye. Described as “light-catcher shadows” these shades are what you need for that added glow. It contains eighteen shades divided into six different sections. Whether you want a matte, metallic or chromatic finish this palette has got you covered. Inspired by the Galaxy and its myriad of hues this eye shadow is guaranteed to light up your complexion. The best part is that it comes with cards with instructions to achieving three different cosmic looks.

If you want something a little less extensive to start with then there’s two Artist Palette’s to choose from. The first palette (ingeniously named Artist Palette 1) contains those neutral shades for a go-to set. Whereas the second palette (you guessed it – Artist Palette 2) will have your eyes popping in no time.

With nine vibrant shades to choose from what more could you ask for? You won’t find any matte finishes though which is a shame if you’re going for an everyday look. If you’re looking for a palette that has it all then this might not be it, but you could get those shades on their own in Make Up For Ever’s Artist Color range. The neutrals will be perfect for any skin tone as your basic, everyday palette. If you already own one of those then just go for the vibrant palette 2.

All their palettes contain Kaolin – a naturally occurring clay mineral – to absorb excess oils and aid the staying quality of your eye shadows, as well as Dimethicone which acts as an emollient smoothing the shadow onto your lid. These ingredients ensure the durability of the shadow, meaning your eyes will look good all day long!

Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow Review

smoky eye makeup

Make Up For Ever allows you to mix and match your eye shadows.

The more prominently available Make Up For Ever eye shadow is the Artist Color range. You can mix and match it with 124 different shades to suit your needs. When purchased with the refillable makeup palette you can create any combination of shades you desire.

This large range contains matte, metallic, satin and iridescent options depending on the finish you’re looking for. Whether it’s an everyday matte tone or a wild-night-out glittery smoky eye, Make Up For Ever has got you covered. The pigmentation is strong and long lasting – especially on a well-primed eye. Considering the quality of the pigmentation I was surprised at how well the shades blended together. Usually, you have to sacrifice pigmentation for bendability. That wasn’t the case with Make Up For Ever’s Artist Color eye shadows.

There are other cosmetics you can add to your compact case too – blushes and finishing powders are also an option. With an array of on-trend shades (which are regularly updated), this mix and match personalization of your palette has never been easier. That being said, for those of us who aren’t so shade-savvy, this can be more of a pain than a pleasure.

Also, it definitely brings the price up! You’re essentially purchasing individual shades together rather than a palette set. But when all is said and done, you can’t argue with the quality – and that’s something I don’t mind paying for!


Makeup is that little bit of charm you can add to your look. When it comes to adding that pop of color your eyes and lips are your only options. And that’s why finding the perfect eye shadow is so important. It’s a means of self-expression after all. Often described by those less knowledgeable as “war paint” or “clown face”, eye shadow is neither of the two. It’s rather a way to add a little flair to your personality. Make Up For Ever is a brand committed to helping you do just that – express yourself.

Their extensive eye shadow range is specifically designed to cater to every woman’s needs. There are so many different colors and finishes available in the range and yet the shades are all similar in texture and performance – a feat not to be taken for granted!

If you’re feeling like a pro, then create your own palette with the extensive Artist Color range. If you want something a little less daunting but still wide enough to keep you looking celestial, then why not try the Star Lit Palette? And for those of us who are just starting out the nine-shade range of Artist Palette 1 and 2 are the place to start. Whichever stage you’re at on your eye shadow-ing journey, you can rest assured that Make Up For Ever has got the shade for you.

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