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What hasn’t been said about Kylie Jenner? Saying she is an influential personality and an icon is quite the understatement. Claim what you want about her origins and family, she is a shrewd businesswoman who has seen success in different ventures. Recently she launched her Kylie Skin brand of skin care products, and she is not showing any signs of stopping her expansion. We’ll get to her skin care line another time. For now, here is our Kylie Cosmetics company review.

Kylie, the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, knows makeup, knows fashion, and knows beauty. She can see what looks good. She has a knack for shades and combos, and she knows what the market wants and how to market herself. Kylie has had her share of controversies and complications – she is a celeb, after all. But she has managed to come out stronger and more determined.

What Is Kylie Cosmetics?

Kylie Jenner applying her own makeup.

Kylie applying her makeup line.

What is Kylie Cosmetics? Kylie Cosmetics is the name of Jenner’s cosmetics company. Originally, it was called Kylie Lip Kit, and was geared more specifically towards lips and lip enhancements. Kylie Lip Kit was launched in the summer of 2015 and renamed Kylie Cosmetics in the winter of 2016.

The lip kit in question included a liquid lipstick and lip liner. Its purpose was to recreate the look which helped put Kylie on the map. Celebrity or not, it is always a daring move to go swimming against the stream like that, putting out a new sort of kit for lips. Jenner’s ingenuity paid off, and her success with the lip kits helped to fuel her company’s expansion. After the lips came eyeshadows, highlighters, concealers, blushes, powders, and more.

Nowadays, the company is growing at a faster pace, as previously mentioned, with skin care being the focal point of Jenner’s new line. So, what does Kylie Cosmetics have to offer at this time?

Kylie Cosmetics Products Overview

Kylie Cosmetics blushes lined up.

Kylie Cosmetics blushes.

The Kylie Cosmetics products line is extensive and rich. There are three main categories – face, eyes, and lips. These categories are then broken down further into the individual products and their respective functions.

  • Face – here you can find primers, concealers, powders for glow and illumination, different types of blush highlighting powders, and bronzers galore. You can also see different themed palettes and bundles.
  • Eyes – I’ll tell you, Jenner is good with names. I don’t know how personally involved she is with choosing these names, but they are very much on point. They speak to the nature of the brand that is Kylie Jenner herself. She’s come under some fire for some of those names, but she is sticking to her guns. The eyes category includes a host of intriguing and attention-grabbing eyeshadows, glazes, eyeliners, glitters, and different palettes and bundles to choose from.
  • Lips – this line consists of lipsticks of all kinds, liners, gloss and high gloss, different types of lips sets and bundles, and even the original lip kits. Lip blush is a relatively new addition to the ‘Lips’ category, introduced in the summer of 2019. The concept of “lip blush” is actually different than what Jenner offers. Originally, it had to do with permanent makeup (aka cosmetic tattoos), but Jenner took it another way and launched a series of creamy, matte lipstick under the same name.

Is Kylie Cosmetics Cruelty-Free? Vegan?

Is Kylie Cosmetics cruelty-free or vegan? Kylie Cosmetics products are cruelty-free, meaning that none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals. They also don’t sell their products in mainland China, which means that none of their distributors test on animals, either. I always found it commendable when companies leave money on the table like that, in order to stay cruelty-free.

Most of the products Kylie Cosmetics puts out are vegan, but not all of them. Vegan plainly means that these products contain no elements or ingredients derived from animal sources. The lip kits are all vegan, as are all of the lip liner singles and high gloss products. The different series of products have individual items that are vegan.

Kylie Skin, the new brand launched recently, will be “cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paraben and sulfate free and suitable for all skin types”, according to Jenner. Another point for her, in my opinion. I feel that she knows what she’s doing and she has a company with principles. I think that the animal lovers who are into her products should make their voices heard, so that others may learn from her, take a page from her book, and go cruelty-free as well.

That being said, cruelty-free is a term usually reserved for animal cruelty. But as far as Jenner’s business practices are concerned, it is actually the topic of possible human cruelty which has been brought up and given some attention. There are those who have accused Jenner’s company of worker exploitation. They claim that the company does not provide its employees with proper working conditions and wages. However, let’s not forget that many companies operate in the same way, since it is part of the nature of today’s free market, for better or worse.

Kylie Matte Lip Kit Review

Kylie Matte Lip Kit.

Kylie Matte Lip Kit.

The original product: the Kylie Matte lip kit. Essentially, it is a duo consisting of lipstick and liner. Jenner herself said she started that way, specifically because she could not find a perfectly matching set of stick and liner. You know what they say: necessity is the mother of invention. Jenner saw an opportunity, a void, and found a way to fill it. That is the basis of true entrepreneurship, isn’t it?

I won’t be getting into each and every different shade, but rather I’ll speak of the series as a whole. You can argue over differences in shade and fade, but the lip kits themselves – as a product – are a great idea and a huge success. When they were launched, Jenner herself didn’t expect them to do as well as they did. Thankfully, it was the springboard she needed to introduce her unique line of makeup and beauty.

Face Setting Spray Review

Kylie Face Setting Spray.

Kylie Face Setting Spray.

Face setting is all about blurring blemishes or skin imperfections while setting the makeup of your choice into place. This achieves a look which is less “wet paint”, and more fixed and firm. It also helps to prevent cakiness and smudge, which invariably rear their head sometimes during the day or night. The main advantage which spray has over powder is that it can be applied all over to complete looks, as opposed to setting powder which can only be applied to certain locations and to certain types of makeup.

Kylie’s face setting spray manages to hold up after a lot. This won’t be the case with everyone, and the smell is something not everyone will get on board with. But regardless – it does a good job at locking your look and keeping it safe. This spray helps your makeup stay fixed even after hours of running around and taking care of business.  This statement will depend on your environment and routine, but I feel so far it is the general consensus.

Kylie’s Coconut + Bare Lip Kit Combo Review

This combo came out a few years ago and has since sold out, and I have no idea if and when it will be back. The matte finish of Kylie’s Coconut + Bare Lip Kit Combo can literally stay on all day (barring any serious activity that could smear it), and for nude lips, it is a real go-to. For those with light skin who don’t care for overwhelming colors, this is a great product.

Kylie did the right thing pairing these two products together. The colors which you choose to match this set with can be limitless. Whether you use them together or not is up to you, of course. You may want to do a touch-up at some point during the day, but it can certainly be enough for your look to last many hours, even without one.

Kris Mini Lip Set Review

Kris Mini Lip Set with lipsticks lined up.

Kris Mini Lip Set.

This was a limited edition set, and as such, it was also more expensive. The Kris Mini lip set from Kylie’s Kris collection includes eight products, combining glosses and lipsticks of different kinds from the Kris collection. The “mini” means you can travel and get on the go with these consumer-favorite shades.

Kylie’s glosses and sticks are known for their longevity, their moisturizing ingredients, and their ability to glide on and stay on without drying out your lips. Lipstick is something so amazing, and I can say that even after years of being used to it. Sometimes, putting on the right lipstick or liner can transform not only your look but your entire mood! 

KKW X Kylie Lip Set Review

KKW X Kylie Lip Set with lipsticks lined up.

KKW X Kylie Lip Set.

Kim and Kylie teamed up (again!) for this lip set by Kylie Cosmetics. With a set of four products – three lipsticks and a gloss – KKW X Kylie Lip Set is another combo that has proven to be really popular.

Honestly, there isn’t that much to tell which is different than other Kylie lip kits or sets. The colors are pretty fabulous, for lack of a better term. There is something about that dark red shade (Double Trouble) which simply does it for me. I absolutely love it, and the lighter reds are wonderful too. Also – it’s creamy and velvety, and it feels great.

The gloss which accompanies the sticks is named Main Bae. It is a shade of copper which complements your lips and makes them pop, without being over-the-top shiny or cartoony. It’s like the people in the lab were able to get it juuust right. I love it when that happens, although this won’t be the case for everyone. If it fits you, but you don’t want to buy the combo, I wholeheartedly recommend getting it as a standalone product somehow.

Always Shining High Gloss Review

Kylie Always Shining High Gloss.

Always Shining High Gloss.

I’d love to see this product out in a bigger tube. It’s a shame that glosses and sticks arrive in such a small packaging, but I guess that also has reasons. The Always Shining High Gloss is one of the smoothest and shiniest glosses in Kylie’s collection. It’s not called “high gloss” for nothing. This thing is meant to make your lips go BOOM.

Wear it on top of your favorite stick, or use it in conjunction with any liner of your choosing. A gloss like this can make even the thinnest and smallest lips pop out wonderfully. The thing about products like these is how effortless they are. Put it on and forget about it. In about 10 seconds you are ready to go, looking and feeling great.

Posie K Trio Lip Set Review

Kylie Posie K Trio Lip Set.

Posie K Trio Lip Set.

Another lip set from Kylie Cosmetics, and one which was launched on Valentine’s Day 2017, is the Posie K Trio lip set. This was a set that marked the two-year anniversary of Posie K, the matte lip shade. That is one of Kylie’s most famous shades, a cool berry pink that looks positively delicious, feels soft, and smells divine.

When Kylie decided to revisit the shade, she wanted to do it in a special way. Hence the Valentine’s launch. The Posie K trio set consists of a matte lipstick, a velvet lipstick, and a Posie K gloss. The velvet is definitely my personal favorite of the three, but the matte is close behind. The gloss I could actually do without, and it doesn’t bring anything new to the table for me personally. Still looks great, though!


Kylie Jenner has managed to make a name from herself separate from that of her famous fam. Her intuition when it comes to makeup and beauty is what has brought her company so much success. What started off as just a lip kit venture has now turned into a whole line of goods.

The primers, concealers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and glosses are all top-quality stuff. They’re also cruelty-free, which means that you can enjoy these wonderful products with a guilt-free conscience. Though you might want to look a bit more into employee working conditions before proceeding with your purchase.


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