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Sometimes you need more than a banana to get your energy levels up. You need more than an antioxidant green tea to get your skin clear and supple. And you need more than a bit of dark chocolate to clear that brain fog. This is the moment where nutrient or performance supplements come in. Your ability to absorb nutrients from food varies depending on many different factors – one of those being age. A company who has picked up on this is Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse (meaning ‘youth’ in French) provide supplements and personal care products that are scientifically designed to keep you functioning at your optimum.

Products like the Luminesce anti-aging skin care line and the AM|PM range help you to stay youthful and maintain the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ mantra. Speaking of healthy minds, there’s also the M1ND range to ensure your brain is working at its optimum. And there are more supplement ranges where those came from. Whether you’re an avid exerciser or you’re experiencing a reduction in nutrient absorption, that’s where dietary supplements come in. In a nutshell, Jeunesse Global have got the age-defying pills, powders and shakes for you.

Jeunesse Finiti Ingredients Breakdown

The Jeunesse Finiti is Jeunesse’ most advanced supplement to date. It contains a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts to make sure you’re functioning at your optimum. As far as ingredients go, it’s a complex blend. You’ve got the raw extracts as well as some substances that you won’t find on the supermarket shelf.

Astragalus Root Extract 

This root protects your cardiovascular health and helps boost your immune system. It improves blood flow to the brain and other parts of your body. It has the unique ability to control t-helper cells 1 and 2 (which help the activity of other immune cells), therefore regulating your immune responses. Basically, astragalus root extract is a great addition to your diet if you need that health kick.

Pomegranate Extract 

Most of the health benefits of pomegranates (and there are a lot) come from two unique substances: punicalagins and punicic acid. Punicalagins are powerful antioxidants (pomegranates contain up to three times the amount of antioxidants content as green tea). Punicic acid is a form of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which contains anti-obesity mechanisms. The CLA you usually find in supplements is not derived from natural foods so it’s refreshing to see that Jeunesse has harnessed this nutrient from a fruit extract instead.


Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It’s another antioxidant to add to the (heavily growing) list in this supplement. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which means it helps your body fight chronic diseases. Turmeric can also boost your BNDF levels. You can, therefore, use it as an effective antidepressant.

Jeunesse Finiti Review

Jeunesse Finiti Fruit and Vegetable Extracts

What caught my attention about this particular Jeunesse supplement was that fact that it was based on Noble Prize-winning research. That’s a reassuring fact if I’ve ever heard one. It’s specially formulated to protect and enhance telomeres (the caps on each strand of DNA that protects them). The high dose of antioxidants and other enhancing substances keeps cells functioning at their optimum and reduces the effects of free radicals.

With such a strong concentration of physically boosting ingredients, you’re bound to feel and look refreshed. The lack of artificial colors and preservatives means this supplement is as natural as it gets. Over extended use, you’ll notice an improvement in your physical well-being, as well as your psychological health. How could you not with all those antioxidative nutrients packed into one pill?

It’s important to mention that the natural-base of this supplement suggests that some of the desired effects could be achieved by a simple diet change. The results wouldn’t be as drastic because the concentration of nutrients wouldn’t be as high. But I’m always wary of supplements and wonder what’s being put into those little pills that we don’t know about. In this vein, by focusing on ingredients alone, drinking astragalus tea and upping your pomegranate juice intake could have numerous benefits on your body. Having said that, the Finiti supplements contain no artificial colors or preservatives which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Jeunesse Zen Bodi Ingredients Breakdown

If you’re looking for a holistic health kick to aid your weight loss journey, then Jeunesse’ Zen Bodi supplements might be the place start. With four main ‘sections’ there’s everything you need to help you shed those pounds. There’s Zen Fit, Zen Prime, Zen Shape, and Zen Fuze to ensure that you really target specific problem areas. With this in mind, there were a few key ingredients that caught my attention.

African Mango Seed Extract

This extract appears in the Zen Shape formula and is widely touted for its weight loss and fat burning properties. African Mango Seed may also lower blood sugar levels due to its high soluble fiber content. Incidentally, the fact that it’s rich in fiber also makes it ideal for increasing your metabolic rate. That being said, this seed is pretty new in supplements so research on the matter is quite limited and the lasting effectiveness is questionable.

Dandelion Root Extract

One of the main ingredients in the Zen Prime supplement is Dandelion Root Extract. Dandelion Root has the unique ability to reduce fat absorption. It’s a highly nutritious plant packed with Vitamins A, C and K . As well as these vitamins Dandelion Root also contains a high fiber content which aids weight loss. It’s the perfect ingredient for a detox.

Whey Protein Concentrate

The liquid that separates from the milk during cheese productionis called whey. Whey protein is just the protein of this substance which basically means that it’s a concentrated version of all the essential amino acids. Its easily absorbed from the gut and promotes healthy muscle growth. This ingredient is featured primarily in the Zen Fuze protein shakes making it effective in preventing age-related muscle loss.

Jeunesse Zen Bodi Review

Jeunesse Zen Bodi Weight Management System

Jeunesse Zen Bodi Weight Management System

Within the Zen Bodi range comes various packages to kickstart your fitness journey. Whether you’re looking to curb appetite, burn fat or build muscle you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a fan of any holistic approach to weight management but the fact that this package comes with so many different elements isn’t ideal. For someone who’s always on the go, having to keep track of numerous different pills, shakes and concoctions is just not practical. And weight management shouldn’t be exclusive to the more organized.

That being said, due to the thoroughly nourishing ingredient list the benefits are undeniable. I would probably be more inclined to buy specific individual products within this range rather than the set as a whole. The Zen Fit Watermelon flavored protein shake is easy to make and a quick protein boost. Mix it with 8-10 ounces of water half an hour before lunch and dinner or before your workout to see results. It’s crucial to realize that these supplements are not a meal replacement. They help curb your hunger cravings, so you find yourself seeing quick results and wanting to increase them – which is a slippery slope. I would be weary of using any of these supplements as dietary replacements but as far as the research goes the facts are there.

Jeunesse M1nd Ingredients Breakdown

The Jeunesse M1nd formula contains a distinctive blend of ingredients to maximize your focus and clarity. This is the product you want if you’re looking to really get your brain working at its optimum.


Eastern medicine discovered that CERA-Q supports overall memory retention. A protein blend that is derived from silkworm cocoons, this ingredient has a unique amino acid profile that impacts and enhances cognitive ability. It’s also been proven to increase glucose uptake into the brain supplying your mind with extra energy.


GABA is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in reducing a multitude of health conditions. Of these conditions, some include depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Your brain naturally produces GABA. Its main job is to reduce the activity of nerve cells in the nervous system. This means it not only improves your mood but, as a result, your mental clarity is also affected.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that is usually found in tea leaves. It lowers levels of stress hormones to avoid interference with memory and learning. It does this by enhancing your alpha brain waves – which are the waves associated with wakeful relaxation. This is the state of mind your brain experiences when your meditating or doing creative tasks. Your brain is able to work at its best without the anxiety or stress.

Jeunesse M1nd Review

Packet of Jeunesse M1nd.

Jeunesse M1nd.

Jeunesse’ M1ND gel packets come in a delicious lemon meringue flavor – although I will say it’s an acquired taste. Besides for my (somewhat unhealthy) relationship with lemon meringue pies the easy portability of this product had me sold. The fact that I usually can’t even remember what I had for breakfast let alone acquire the mental clarity I need to function at my best means that this product has my name all over it. Taking 1-2 packets daily improves your focus and balance.

Nevertheless, despite its memory-enhancing qualities, there’s a lot to be said for not jumping to supplements to get your brain to function at its peak. While this is still considered a holistic approach, it’s always best to start with targeting your diet and going from there. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel or sardines contain omega-3. These amino acids are major building blocks of the brain and naturally give you that mental boost. These fish sharpen memory and improve your mood. They also have the unique ability to protect your brain against decline. While M1nd is a concentrated version of these food replacements, altering your diet is usually a cheaper and more raw way to target specific problem zones.


Jeunesse Global provides supplements that are supported by groundbreaking research and scientific backing. They restore the body rather than focusing on just gaining muscle mass or losing weight. The body’s strength and durability are inevitability what ‘keeps’ you young. It’s not about reversing the signs of aging – it’s about maximizing what you have.

On the other hand, there’s a lot to be said for trying the natural approach before going for the pill replacements. The main concern when it comes to supplements is that people replace their food supplies with a concentrated pill. Traditional supplements have their place when a patient is significantly low in a given nutrient but it’s definitely not something you should be rushing to without basis. The questions to ask yourself every once in a while, is “why did I start taking these?” and “has it helped?”. If you can answer these honestly then you’re in a ‘safe space’ with supplements.

The truth is that supplements are not subject to the same quality control that other medications are. This means you have to be pretty fluent in understanding ingredients labels to filter which supplements are good for you, and which may cause more harm than their benefits. Although, if you’re looking for a health supplement company to give you that boost you need then Jeunesse Global has definitely got their scientifically-backed ducks all in a row. The research is there and the ingredients they use have a strong basis. Whether you need the mental or physical boost Jeunesse has got the supplement for you.