Jergens Review Series Continued: Natural Glow Line Part 2

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As I wrote in the first part of this series, Jergens Natural Glow Line is a great way to get the tan you want without the ill-effects of the sun. With a collection of 9 different products, Jergens offers you multiple ways to get the color your looking for. After reviewing Jergens Natural Glow Color Primer In-Shower Scrub, Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer and Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in part 1, we continue here with the products in the rest of the products in the Natural Glow line.

The Rest Of The Natural Glow Line

Jergens Natural Glow – 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer

Jergens sun-less tanning cream.

Jergens medium to tan.

You’ll want to use this product which has more of a concentration of DHA when you’re in need of a faster tan. 3 days is better than 7+, especially when an unexpected last minute event pops up. Basically an express version of Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, you use the 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer for up to three days to get a quick tan.  

Since this is stronger and acts quicker, you just need to really be careful that you don’t get splotches and streaks. Keeping this in mind, with my pale skin I was able to reach my desired skin tone in two days. Once you have your desired tan, you can maintain your color with the original Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer.

Bottom Line: Also available in fair to medium, and medium to tan, this really is basically just a faster acting version of Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. You get less in the bottle, but you also need to use less because it is more potent. I keep a bottle in my cabinet just in case I need to get tan quickly, but otherwise I generally stick to the +firmer.

Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer

Jergen's Foaming tanning spray.

Foaming moisturizer.

This perhaps has the faintest scent of all the Natural Glow line products, and might be best utilized by those sensitive to the scent in the other products. Another plus is that the airy foam dries faster than lotion, so it is great to apply when you’re in a rush to get dressed (though you still must be sure it is indeed dry or it will rub off). Its main downsides are that application is a little trickier to get an even coating, and that it does not moisturize as well as the lotion.

It is very similar in texture to that of a hair mousse. It really absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves behind no stickiness, which sounds great, but this also makes it harder to know exactly what area got what amount of coverage. This is the main reason people complain that it causes streaks more than the aforementioned products.

Of course, this can be managed by more careful application, but then to me that sort of defeats the purpose of a faster drying product. I also feel that as a daily moisturizer it is a little light on the hydration. Yes, my skin felt softer after applying it, but soon after I still felt like I needed something more moisturizing. Since it does sink into the skin so quickly though, you can apply a light moisturizer without causing any issues to areas that still feel dry.

Bottom Line: It is a great alternative for those more sensitive to the scents or slight “greasiness” of other Natural Glow line products, and has some small benefits, but if you can manage with the others, I don’t really see why you would need this one. The drawbacks just don’t seem to make it a better option.

Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse

Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse

Instant sun sunless tanning mousse.

This mousse is available in two shades; light bronze and dark bronze. The main selling point here is that you can get results in minutes and hours, not days! It is the hyper-speed product of the Natural Glow self-tanner line, but also the only one without any moisturizer in it.

Like the foam version above, this one is quick drying and rapidly absorbed which brings the same benefits and drawbacks, though because the mousse has a little color itself, you can see how evenly you’re spreading it over your skin and therefore more easily minimize streaking.

Like the foam, there is no strong scent or unsightly body glitter. The mousse foam goes on thin and dries quickly. It’s not sticky or greasy as the lotions can be right after application (prior to them being absorbed into the skin).

Because the mousse is so light, you can layer it to achieve a darker tan and build the color rapidly. Wait a few hours till it fully sets and if you decide you want a darker shade, just repeat and add another layer. Just be careful not to overdo it.

This “instant tan” does give you some color almost instantaneously, but the full effects of it take a few hours, so be patient. I found that immediately after application I looked slightly darker and already had a light tan. My tan darkened overnight and I was left with a tan even darker than when I use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. The light bronze is definitely dark enough for my pale skin.

It is very easy to achieve a streak free tan if you thoroughly follow basic self-tanning rules. I even use it on my face & neck periodically to help my makeup blend better. This tanner says you can apply it a second day in a row to deepen your tan. I found that I didn’t even need to apply it a second day because the color I got after one application was so nice.

Bottom Line: This so far has been my least favorite product of the line. Sure it has its benefits, but despite me liking the tan that I rapidly got, I had to work much harder to be careful not to be splotchy and streaky (like with the foam) and it isn’t a gradual tanner. So the next day I really stood out being “so dark.” To top that off, you get none of the moisturizing perks that you do from other products in the line (or the + Firming). So who is this good for? The person who doesn’t mind the lack of moisturizer, being VERY careful in application and just wants an uber quick tan.

Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer +SPF 20, and Jergens SPF 20 Glow and Protect Body Lotion +SPF 20

Jergen Facial Moisturizer

Jergen Facial Moisturizer.

These two products are very similar so I’ll review them together. They are both comparable to the Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, with the added benefit of sunscreen. The facial moisturizer’s main difference from the body version is that it is supposedly gentler and won’t clog your pores. While some of my friends attest to this, I haven’t found that there is much difference between the two on my own face, but then again my skin isn’t particularly sensitive or as susceptible to break-outs as theirs.

Though I do use this on occasion when I know I won’t be out in the sun for too long, these combination products have two significant shortcomings that really should not be ignored.

First, the active ingredients do not provide sufficient UVA protection for long sun exposure and second, combining sunscreen and self-tanner in one product is problematic, because to be effective, sunscreen must be applied liberally and repeatedly once every few hours, but liberal and repeated application of self-tanner can result in color that’s much too dark.

Combination products like these force you to choose between getting adequate sun protection or getting a natural-looking sunless tan, so if you’re going to spending lots of time in the sunshine, it is much better to keep your sunscreen and self-tanner separate.

Bottom Line: For some reason, the medium to tan tone worked better on my skin with this particular product. It also doesn’t leave that stickiness that remains a little while after application, which is nice, and the facial moisturizer version might be gentler on your face than any of the other Natural Glow products.

I use this when I know I’ll be out in the sun for short lengths of time. But if I know I’ll be out longer, I just ditch any self-tanner product entirely for that day slather on simple effective sunscreen and wear cute broad-brimmed hats (yes, they do exist). The benefits of wearing sunscreen far outweigh the benefits of the self tanner.

Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender

Jergen Tan Extender.

Tan extender.

Though this Tan Extender is not marketed as a self-tanner product itself, rather it is meant for after care maintenance of your sunless tan (or even natural one), it still has much of the same ingredients as the other self-tanner products in this line. It is thicker and greasier than the other products listed here because it is made to keep your skin moist a lot longer and to really penetrate the skin deeper.

The idea of a Tan Extender is that it keeps skin moisturized for a long time and the longer you keep your skin moisturized, the longer it is before your skin starts to exfoliate and by doing so, lose its precious tan. It is really just all about preventing and stalling your skin’s natural exfoliation process.

The formula contains effective ingredients to lock in moisture to slow shedding of the dead cells on the epidermis, extending the effects of tanning (self-tanning or otherwise), but is it really much different than just continuing to use the regular moisturizing self-tanners above for longer? I’m just not convinced.

Bottom Line: I don’t think that this really does anything to extend your tan beyond keeping your skin moist (which most of the other products already do).Personally if i was looking for deep moisturizing power I’d try to find something more natural like an avocado moisturizer. I would like to believe this is helping extend my existing tan, but honestly – I can’t be sure.  I think the only real reason this even “extends” your tan to begin with is because it contains self-tanner ingredients.

And if you had issues with the time it took for the Natural Glow lotions to be absorbed than this product will really not make you happy. It isn’t that it is a bad product in of itself; it just does not really have much value in my humble opinion. The cynic inside my head has convinced me that this is the least useful of the line.

Summing Up The Products

To quickly sum up all of the Natural Glow products:

  • Jergens Natural Glow Color Primer In-Shower Scrub– A decent and affordable scrub, you can use it or not. There is nothing really unique about it, and if you prefer other scrubs, you are fine without it.
  • Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer– This was my staple for years. Tried and true, it really works well.  If you are a beginner self-tanner, I would recommend this first and foremost to start you off, especially if you are young and don’t need the + Firming. 
  • Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer+ Firming– Like the above with added firming effects. Though these may not be tremendous, some is better than none. This has replaced the regular one above as my favorite. Because it is more emollient, it doesn’t absorb as quickly into the skin, but it does slightly firm up the skin after extended use, especially where stretch marks are prevalent.
  • 3 Days To Glow– This has a higher DHA concentration, so it is best used when you want more rapid but still gradual result.  Keep in mind that getting your tan in 3 days with this product leaves much less room for error if you happen to apply unevenly or do not fully exfoliate beforehand, and the likelihood of splotches and streaks increases. As long as you are careful though, it can be a real boost when you need it.
  • Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer– Anyone sensitive to other Natural Glow line products can probably handle this, but if you’re not, the original lotion version is better. It absorbs into the skin quickly but doesn’t moisturize as much.
  • Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse– Like the foam above, the benefits of this product seem to be outweighed in my opinion by the drawbacks. You can certainly get the quickest tan with it, and if that is all that you care about you might indeed like this mousse, but you have to apply it more carefully than any of the other products here and you run a greater risk of streaks and splotches, plus it has no moisturizer in it.
  • Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer +SPF 20, and Jergens SPF 20 Glow and Protect Body Lotion +SPF 20– Great for short ventures into the sunshine, but for any lengthier stays, you’re better off just using a regular sunscreen. ( For a closer look at one of my favorite lotions check out our kiss my face sunscreen review)
  • Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender– You must figure out if the benefits of this product warrant spending extra money on it. Essentially it is a heavy duty moisturizer with some self-tanning attributes. I think you’re better off just continuing to use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. 

10 Tips For The Perfect Tan

Whichever tanner lotion you use, be sure to apply it correctly.  Here are my top ten tips on how to best utilize these products based on my personal experience with self-tanner lotions.

  1. Exfoliate really well before application. Any dry or rough patches on your toes, elbows, or knees will be darker than the rest of your tan, becoming a dead giveaway that you are using a tanning product.
  2.  Make sure your body is completely dry when you apply, and apply only in a cool room – it will take longer for the product to be absorbed into your skin if you are warm or hot.
  3.  Wear gloves.  Though you can try and wash your hands immediately after applying to avoid the palms of your hands and under your nails turning orange, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk. With gloves on you also use-up less product (since some absorbs into your hands).  
  4. Select the lightest color to start and work your way to a darker color until you find the one right for you. Apply lightly the first time and go heavier every couple days until you find the right amount for you.
  5.  Avoid applying too much around the knuckles, knees, ankles or elbows, where it can build up and take on that gross orangey color. 
  6.  One of the reasons that this is a “daily” product is that the tan can be removed when you shave. This is less problematic if you do not shave daily. Regardless, apply this AFTER you’ve shaved.
  7.  Rub the lotion in circular motions and fan it out onto hands and feet for an even application without streaks or splotches. 
  8. Do not get dressed or sit down until you are fully dry or you might rub off, resulting in unsightly uneven patches.
  9. Keep in mind that, besides for the mousse, this is a gradual self-tanner, so best to be light handed with the amount and able to add more later than to look much darker than what you want and have to start over.
  10.  If at any point you feel burning, or you’re turning a shade you do not like or any other unpleasant effects; just stop using the product and scrub it off. Try to figure out if the problem was in your application or the product itself. At the end of the day you’re meant to feel beautiful and enjoy this tan. If you’re not enjoying it, then it isn’t worth it.


Woman pumping lotion into her palm.

Applying tanning lotion.

There are legions of women who clamor for self-tanning products so they can avoid the harmful effects of UV rays in the sunshine, because they do not tan well, or both. Jergens Natural Glow line has become a popular choice for those who want to gradually darken skin tone or want a self-tanner that they can use throughout the year.

The new, less overpowering formula imparts a natural-looking color to the skin that is easy to apply for streak-free results, and can just as easily be removed if you no longer want it. Natural Glow’s not so odorless “odor free” scent is unpleasant to some, but I found it for the most part pleasant or at least tolerable.

Why do I self-tan? It is not like I want to turn into the Queen of Sheba. Adding a little glow to my pale skin just makes me feel more confident when I’m walking around in a pair of shorts, a skirt or a dress. With the Natural Glow line, I build up my tan slowly, allowing not only a more natural progression, but also the ability to stop if I feel it is getting too dark.

I also love that with the gradual tan aspect of most of these products, you don’t get the potential streakiness that you get with “instant” tanners. My skin is always very soft and hydrated because the Natural Glow line is infused with moisturizer and I enjoy the benefits of the + firming as well!

Woman with tan skin and pale skin.

Tan or no tan?

I have tried so many different self-tanning products over the years and most left me shuddering. Jergens Natural Glow line has some products that are pretty much the best overall gradual self-tanners I’ve ever encountered. Like me, you may find some of them superfluous and pointless, but those that worked are an affordable solution for your summer and year-round tanning needs.

Just remember that even though you look tan, you still need sunscreen because you will burn like an ant under a magnifying glass! With that happy thought, I bid you the very best of luck in finding your favorite self-tanning products. This perfectly tanned mommy has to go prepare dinner now and feed some hungry mouths. The fun never ends ☺

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