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Introduction To The Health 101 Blog

Published on Oct 01, 2013 in Facts

Welcome to Health 101, a brand-new blog now featured on Maple Holistics. The purpose of this blog is to discuss causes and conditions of certain health concerns. We provide the preventative and responsive homeopathic solutions. From getting an inside look at causes of scalp-related problems to discovering the health benefits of lemongrass, our blog covers it all! Our bodies have needs, so why not learn more to provide the treatment we deserve? Have fun, and enjoy learning some more about yourself!

The Importance of Health Explained

the importance of healthy decisions

Make healthy choices

Eating veggies is healthy, exercise is healthy, drinking water is healthy. We hear this word nagging in the back of our minds every time we reach for the cheese puffs instead of carrot sticks, or watch another round of Netflix instead of going for a run. But why is it so so important to be healthy? Is it just one of those overrated fads?

Making healthy decisions does more than check off your New Years Resolution or make for a great Instagram post. Healthy behaviors not only give your body what it needs to thrive, but also allow you to live your life to a greater capacity. Good nutrition, sufficient sleep, and fitness give your body the strength to best cope with stress and fight sickness. Maintaining a healthy weight can protect your body from chronic diseases, such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle will give you the energy necessary to accomplish all that you’d like to do in a day. Prevent your body from falling ill quickly or being constantly prone to dangerous (not to mention expensive) conditions, such as arthritis or stroke. Treating your body well now is a worthy investment, as such actions can extend your life. Live long and live better with optimal health.

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Health

1. Sleepy Time

importance of sleep

Sleep is Essential

Trying to lose weight? Counting sheep should do the trick. In fact, staying up and sacrificing a good night’s sleep can contribute to weight gain. In fact, sleep deprivation can increase your appetite by affecting the hormones that signal fullness while decreasing your motivation to exercise. If you’re well rested, you’ll be satisfied by fewer calories, as well as have the daytime energy to remain active.

Trying to lose weight? Counting sheep should do the trick. In fact, staying up and sacrificing a good night’s sleep can contribute to weight gain. In fact, sleep deprivation can increase your appetite by affecting the hormones that signal fullness while decreasing your motivation to exercise. If you’re well rested, you’ll be satisfied by fewer calories, as well as have the daytime energy to remain active.

Besides the importance of beauty rest, getting good sleep yields higher brain function, including cognition, concentration, performance, and productivity. Lack of sleep can literally make you act drunk, decreasing some mental capacities to mirror the effects of alcohol intoxication. No need to cram for finals. Late-night studying is counterproductive, as getting a good night’s sleep instead enhances memory and problem-solving skills.

Your well-being suffers if you don’t get those 8 hours. Minimized immune function, increased inflammation, altered glucose metabolism, and a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes — none of these sound too good. Besides the physical, lack of sleep can put one at greater risk of depression, negative emotions, and reduced social skills.

Keep your mind, body, immune system, and friendships in tip top shape by getting the sleep you need to thrive!

2. Pack a Snack

Healthy eating habits don’t mean following a fad diet, cutting carbs, juice cleansing, or starving yourself all of the time. Nourish your body with vitamins and nutrients, fuel your actions with this source of energy, and please your taste buds with delicious options. So what does healthy eating look like?

healthy food of every color

Rainbow of Produce

Spice it up! Eat the rainbow to incorporate a variety of vitamins, tastes, and nutrients into your diet. This way, you’ll get the range of disease-fighting agents foods have to offer. If it grew out of the ground, it’s likely going to do good things for your body, energy, and mood. Bring plenty of fruits, veggies, and whole grains into your repertoire. Remain prepared for snack time by packing some healthy options so that you don’t resort to unhealthy snacking when your tummy starts grumbling.

But don’t completely cut those tasty snacks you crave, just watch your portion sizes. Keep an eye on sodium, trans fats, and animal fats. Opt for healthy fats such as salmon, vegetable oils, avocado, or almonds. Subbing these in for unhealthy fats can promote weight loss. Don’t completely limit your intake, or you’ll just deprive your body of the nutrients it needs, and fall victim to worsened cravings.

Tea-Totaler, or Tea-Mostly-er. If alcohol intake is a part of your life, limit your quantity. Besides temporary mental impairment, frequent alcohol use is related to higher risk for cancer, decreased ability to drive, and weight gain.

You are what you eat, so loving your food allows you to love yourself. Mindful eating is a great way to control portions and enjoy your meals. Explore cultures, history, and religion through food, a window to human lives worldwide. Eating communally allows you to fully experience the food, facilitate healthy relationships to food, and promote prosocial behaviors.

3. Exercise Your Rights…And Your Body

exercise to be happier

Boost your mood with exercise

Working out is more than hitting the weight room or going for a run. Any movement that works your muscles and burns calories functions as exercise. Regular exercise can range from a morning jog to a tai chi class to carrying your groceries up the stairs.

Stay active. Formal exercise can include swimming, running, zumba, or yoga. Switching up daily routines can help, such as parking further away to walk longer, choosing still stairs over an escalator, or opting for an evening stroll rather than a night cap. Working your muscles, whether its bench pressing or doing ab flexes in the car, powers your body toward augmented strength. The more you move, the more energy you’ll have…to move more!

To maintain a healthy weight, choose an exercise routine that works for you. Dieting reduces your metabolic rate, whereas exercise increases it. The more you move, the more calories you’ll burn. Additionally, exercise will keep your muscle mass, body weight, and bone density at healthy levels. Exercise can even decrease the risk of chronic disease, delay signs of aging in the skin, and reduce pain.

Keep your heart happy with good cardio, your muscles happy with strength training, and your mind happy with all of it. Exercise improves memory and brain function by promoting the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and enhancing the growth of brain cells. Working your body will not only improve your mood directly, but will also improve your sleep quality and sex drive. These two side effects and also contribute to boosted moods.

4. Keep Your Products Au Naturale

use natural products to nourish, not poison your body

Use organic products for healthier skincare practices

Your health relies heavily on what products you put in and on your body. Just like healthy eating means maximizing intake of natural food that grew directly out of the ground, use topical products that come straight from Mother Nature. Be good to yourself and our planet by

prioritizing natural beauty and skincare products.

Love your body. Your skin is your largest organ, and the most public one. Keep your skin happy and healthy by reducing the likelihood of irritation or allergic reactions from unnatural chemicals. Ingredients given to us directly by Mother Earth promote healing and nourishment on a larger scale. Additionally, what you put on your skin ends up in your skin, so don’t soak things into your body that you wouldn’t eat!

Love your earnings. Investing in natural products today may seem pricey, but the extra few dollars are nothing compared to the price we pay down the road if we douse ourselves with chemicals. Stay healthy and vibrant as a preventative against illness and aging. Your body and wallet will both thank you!

Love our planet. Natural beauty products are not only nicer to your body, but also nicer to the environment. Manufacturing unnatural products takes its toll on our Earth. Additionally, chemicals in sprays contaminate the atmosphere while inorganic cleansers wash down into natural ecosystem. Mother Nature gave us these gives of natural healers, so why not make the most of what we already have?

5. Smile!

smile and laugh to stay healthy

Smiling improves health

Don’t show off your pearly whites just for the camera. Smiling should be a regular habit. This simple act has both internal and social benefits, that both just lead to more smiling. It’s a vicious cycle…toward happiness.

Turning that frown upside-down down more that make you look happy. Moving those face muscle releases endorphins, which even Elle knows, make you happy. Additionally, endorphins reduce stress, improve mood, and give your body the impression that you’re happy. This hormone also increases the flow of blood to lower blood pressure, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease.



Being hormonal ain’t all bad! Laughing and smiling releases the serotonin. This neurotransmitter not only facilitates happiness and well-being similar to endorphins, but also gives the immune system a boost. Next type you reach for a cough drop, crack a smile. It may be just what your body needs to heal!

Smiling is the universal signal of happiness. No matter where you are in the world, a smile always means the same thing. This simple movement can bring on a great mood and exude approachable, personable, and inviting vibes. Make a new friend wherever you go by flashing your teeth; people are most likely to respond positively.

The human body is like a needy puppy. Therefore, it needs to be rested, fed, exercised, treated with natural care, and given some love. Keep your mind, body, and social life thriving by focusing on these 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle. Prioritizing your health is more than a bragging point on your next date. Eating, sleeping, and moving well also allow you to live today to the fullest, as well as live more days.

Thanks for checking out our blog for healthy living here at Maple Holistics! Be sure to check out our healthy snack options with free shipping!