Inglot Cosmetics Review: The Best Inglot Products To Try

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Everyone has a favorite makeup brand. You might like trying out all different products, but you’ll always go back to your old faves. That is, unless you find a new brand to swear by. *Spoiler Alert* Inglot has become my new favorite. I first heard about Inglot from my friend, when I asked her what eyeshadow she was wearing. It was a gorgeous color, and so pigmented.

Since I discovered Inglot, I have never looked back. I wear my Inglot makeup nearly every day. The quality is seriously that of a high-end brand, and their prices are brilliant – halfway between drug-store and department-store prices. When you use Inglot cosmetics, it feels like you bought MAC or Dior makeup on Black Friday – equally great quality; way lower prices.

Inglot Cosmetics Company Background & History Explained

Communist Poland, 1987. Nail polish and cosmetics were rare commodities; not something that was all over like it is today. On a visit to America, Wojciech Inglot, founder of Inglot Cosmetics, was amazed at how huge the cosmetics industry was in the US, and how much was available. When he returned to Poland, he switched his job as a chemist over to his new interest: cosmetics.

He starting off selling his products in pharmacies and grocery stores (over 3,000 stores!). Eventually though, Inglot pulled all his products off the shelves and began his own independent line of cosmetics. Sales took a beating, initially, but Inglot remained strong. Today, the brand is super popular, with stores around the globe.

Inglot Makeup Products Overview

Inglot is more than just your average makeup company. They have makeup products for all parts of your face and body, in the colors you’ve always wanted but have had trouble finding. (I was finally able to find a ‘My Lips But Better’ lipstick! I never knew I had such an unusual lip color, but I’ve found the perfect match.) Their freedom system allows you to customize your collection and choose the colors and shades that suit you. They also sell brushes, makeup cases, and nail polish.

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Inglot Duraline Review

Inglot Duraline.

Inglot Duraline.

When I got my makeup done for a recent family wedding, my MUA swore by this product. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I just had to have it. Inglot Duraline is a clear liquid that you can add to any makeup powder to make it into a water-resistant liquid. It works great to wet your shadows, so you get more pigment. You can also use it to turn shadow into eyeliner.

You can use it with your powder foundation, blush, or gel products like brow gel or gel liner pots that may have dried up. Inglot Duraline restores them to life; literally as though you had just opened it! (Sounds too good to be true, but trust me – or at least my makeup artist – on this one!) If you mix it in with your foundation (whether powder or cream), you’ll find that it’s easier to spread, and becomes waterproof. You’ll get a lot more wearing time out of it.

Inglot Duraline comes with a small dropper so you only have to use the tiniest amount. Because it’s probably not something you would use every day (and even if you did, you wouldn’t need a lot of it), it can last you a long time. You can either apply a small drop to the product/ powder you want to use (it doesn’t ruin the product!) or put a drop on the back of your hand and mix the product with Duraline before applying.

What I love about this product is its versatility. You can literally use it with anything, and it’ll make it smoother, easier to apply, and extend its wearing time. One warning though – be prepared with an oil-based makeup remover at the end of the day! This stuff LASTS.

Inglot Eyeliner Review: Inglot Gel Liner 77

Inglot Gel Liner 77.

Inglot Gel Liner 77.

If you’re an eyeliner girl, you’ll love this brand. The Inglot eyeliner line includes liner pencils, pens, crayons, liquids, and gels – in an impressive array of colors, as Inglot is known for.

The Inglot AMC Gel Liner 77 comes in transparent pots and has a creamy finish that lasts all day. If you like unconventional eyeliner colors (think: aqua, dark red etc.), this is going to be your next purchase. At $12.80 per liner, it’s slightly pricier than your average drug-store gel liner, but better quality, and nowhere close to high-end liner prices. (By comparison, MAC’s Chromaline Liner costs $21 – almost double Inglot’s AMC liner.)

Inglot’s 77 eyeliner is the blackest black gel liner from Inglot. It gives your eyes drama, definition, and is smudge- and water-proof. It won’t move all day (and it’s a struggle even when you are trying to get it off). You can also use it to create dramatic smoky eyes, but work quickly! This gel liner dries extremely fast, so you don’t have a lot of time to play around with it. It does dry out in the pot pretty quickly, but can be easily restored with Inglot’s Duraline.

Inglot also has a super-thin Slimliner eyeliner pen (another Inglot product I was sold on due to my coworker’s perfect wings, day-in-day-out). It’s perfect for just a touch of color on your lower lash line, as well as creating dramatic cat eyes – this does it all.

Inglot’s liquid eyeliner is another winner. It isn’t waterproof, but it does last well if you don’t cry or get your face wet (or get caught in the rain). It’s not the best liner for hot or humid days, either, as sweaty or oily lids can cause it to smudge. But for the spring and fall, it’s amazing. Dark, intense color, pretty easy to apply, and not pricey.

Inglot Nail Polish Line Review

Inglot nail polish.

Inglot nail polish.

Fact is, Inglot has definitely nailed it on this one. Their most recent nail polish release, O2M Breathable Nail Enamels, has taken the world by storm. Because it allows your nails to “breathe”, which prevents enamel damage, many Muslims are turning to it as the answer to their prayers – or for their prayers. Before praying, Muslims have a certain ritual that involves washing of the hands. Nail polish means that the water isn’t getting to the nail, so it isn’t allowed for the ritual.

But O2M allows water and air to seep through to the nail, and is therefore considered to be ‘Halal Certified’ nail polish. It’s available in over 100 colors, in glossy, shiny, and matte shades, and is a healthy option for those worried about their nail care. Inglot also has an O2M Breathable Base and an O2M Breathable Top Coat.

Of course, there’s the regular Inglot nail polish line, which is available in even more colors than the Inglot Breathable nail polish version. It comes in glossy, metallic, and matte finishes. The nail polish is extremely opaque – two coats will give you complete coverage, but you can add another if you really want to.

Besides nail polish, Inglot also has a host of nail care and nail enhancement products, like top coat, nail conditioner, cuticle oil, and ‘sequins’ designed for nail and body art.

Inglot Blush Review

Inglot Blush.

Inglot Blush.

It’s all about the skin these days, and many cosmetic companies are coming out with new products all the time to enhance your skin and add color to your face. Inglot has jumped on the complexion bandwagon with its impressive range of blushes.

For dry skin, they have their liquid AMC Face Blushes, available in 15 gorgeous, creamy shades. (Let me just say – a lot of makeup brands do not cater enough to those of us with dry skin. Is it our fault that most people have oily or combination skin?!) The pump makes it easy to get out the amount of product that you need, and it’s buildable for both day and nighttime looks. You can have a light, natural flush or a whole lot of color if you want to go all out.

Their Classic Face Blush comes in 11 shades and is pigmented with a slight shimmer that’s not overdone. Inglot claims that it will suit all skin types, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

AMC Multicolour System FB powder is 5 matte powders in one that can be used on your face and body (FB) as bronzer, blush, or to conceal blemishes. If you love all-in-one products, you’ll definitely be reaching for this often.

There are also a number of blushes in Inglot’s Freedom System.

Inglot Freedom System Review

Now for my favorite part of Inglot: The freedom system. This is where you have complete control. You choose the perfect colors for your palettes so you know that every color looks great on you (instead of having five colors in your shadow palette that don’t suit you and that you never end up using).

For eye shadows, you can choose to have just a single color, all the way to a 40-color eye-shadow palette. You can also choose to have multiple products in the same palette – like a blush, shadows, and concealer altogether. So, it’s like your whole face in one palette. The palettes have a clear, magnetic lid with the Inglot logo printed over and over, and the products are in magnetic cases, which makes for easy storage – and you don’t have to worry about them falling out of the palette.

I have two Inglot palettes, and they’re so easy to use; not to mention visually appealing. The palettes come in all shapes and sizes, and you can also get palettes with a mirror and an applicator. Freedom System is available for eye shadow, highlighter, brow cream, concealer, bronzer, and blush, in a significant array of colors and shades.

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss Review

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss.

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss.

I have bad news – Inglot’s AMC Lip Gloss is discontinued, so don’t try looking for it on their website. I don’t know why they decided to discontinue such a fabulous product. But I guess they have their reasons! Inglot’s ‘holographic’ lip glosses gave your lips a unique ‘ultra-violet’ glow – the colors were pearly and completely unlike anything I’ve seen in a gloss thus far. They could be worn on their own but were especially eye-catching when worn over a dark-colored lipstick.

If you’re thinking you need to try this right now, I don’t blame you. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen them around these days. If you’re in the market for new lip products, though, Inglot has gorgeous lipsticks and lip paints, so make sure to check out their website or one of their many stores to view their full-color range.

Is Inglot Cosmetics Cruelty Free? Is Inglot Cosmetics Vegan?

Inglot does not test on animals, does not support testing on animals, and does not sell their products in mainland China (where testing on animals is required by law). However, they are not considered a cruelty-free company since they do not check if the suppliers of their ingredients test on animals.

While not a strictly vegan company, Inglot’s products are mostly vegan-friendly. If you’re unsure if the product you are after contains animal by-products, check the ingredients, or send Inglot an email asking if it’s vegan.


I think you can tell how much I love this brand! They seriously don’t compromise on the quality, even though their prices are mid-range. (I wouldn’t call them cheap, but they definitely aren’t expensive.) Even if you think you have the perfect high-end product (be it lipstick, liner, or a shadow palette), and you can’t imagine anything else coming close to it. I recommend that you try Inglot’s version of your favorite item. You may just find your new fave, and you’ll be saving yourself a few dollars at the same time.