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Dry Hair Causes Explained

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It all starts with the scalp.

The sebum, aside from providing lubrication and nourishment for the scalp and hairs, also acts as a protective barrier. It regulates and filters various elements which cling onto the surface of our skin.

Dry scalps, whose glands do not produce enough sebum, are in trouble of producing hair which is subsequently dry and malnourished.

Due to this fact, dry hair is more prone to secondary damages. Many times, the result of a dry scalp is overly tangled, split, brittle, and broken hair.

Furthermore, there are times when even if the sebaceous glands are functioning properly, and producing the right amounts of sebum, the hair itself is letting moisture escape, and is not able to harness the power and protection of the body’s natural sebum. This happens when parts of the hair are damaged (usually due to over-maintenance of some sort), and consequently the hairs are unable to retain the moisturizing oils secreted by the scalp.

Dry hair is a challenge, however you look at it. Many times, the condition is worsened by the outside environment. Overexposure to sun, sea, hot air, wind – these can all contribute to the hair’s dryness and brittleness. Other factors which may contribute to the hair’s dry condition is improper care.

Many who suffer from this condition are unaware of this simple fact. They continue with their hair routine, leave the situation unchecked, and are inevitably doomed to be making the same mistakes, over and over. Some very common mistakes are:

• Bleaching/tinting too often
• Use of the wrong shampoo/conditioner
• Use of wrong essential oils, or wrong amounts
• Excessive use of heat: blow drying/rolling/ironing
• Leaving chlorinated hair unwashed (e.g. swimming pools)

As mentioned earlier, dry hair is not a hair type. It is a fixable condition which has many symptoms. Sometimes, the solution to the issues stemming from dry hair are as easy as simply changing shampoos, letting hair dry naturally, and avoiding friction caused by excessive combing or brushing.

Choose hair care products which have been formulated specifically for dry hair. Your hair may require a hydrate shampoo which can give back the moisture it needs in order to function properly and look healthy. It can be difficult to maintain and style a dry head of hair, not to mention the unsightly conditions it could bring about such as redness, dry dandruff (dandruff which falls out of your hair), itchiness, and even hair loss in some cases.

Make sure not to simply coat your hair, leaving the scalp untouched. That sort of fix is only external and cosmetic, and makes no big difference in the long run. Take good care of your scalp, and watch as your hair changes for the better all on its own.

Woman sleeping on pillow

Take control of your sebum, get some sleep!

The pre-existing condition of scalp dryness can be addressed and modified. As stated earlier, sebum is a dynamic substance which is subject to change. The body’s sebum production levels can be altered through changes in habit or diet, and even through stress management. All of these can contribute to the scalp’s health, and subsequently the hair’s health.

Ridding yourself of stress-inducing elements, and living a healthier life, can greatly affect your scalp and hair. Eating right, sleeping right, getting the right nutrients, and making the changes happen for you without any external help – these should be used in conjunction with other dry scalp remedies. Of course, there are products which aim to help you out on your journey, and you can definitely take advantage of them if you wish.

Condition your hair every time you shampoo, BUT don’t overdo it. Conditioners moisturize and hydrate the head. For most individuals, washing hair twice a week is sufficient. Anything more than that, and you might be risking irritating the hair, and causing damage.

Remember, your scalp and hair need time to process and internalize the treatment in order to benefit from it. No point in having a great hair care routine, if the treatments themselves are not given the time to properly affect the hair.
Do this, and your dry hair will be thankful!


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