Facts About Shampoo Everybody Should Know

Published on Oct 01, 2013 in Facts

Maple Holistics was founded on the principles of holistic living through natural cosmetics. Our products are an invitation to treat you hair and skin with the care it deserves. Through extensive research and experimentation we have developed products that work with your bodies natural chemistry to produce results that last. We believe that a healthy and happy life begins with how you treat your body. We are both honored and humbled that you have chosen our products to begin the journey to a healthier more organic lifestyle.

All this being said there are many things that most people do not know about shampoo. It is a product we use daily and yet know very little about. In this article we would like to clarify common misconceptions about shampoo so that you can become a better educated consumer.

Myth: Shampoos loaded with “vitamins and nutrients” provide additional health benefits.

hair nutrients

Hair nutrients

Shampoos which emphasize on loading various vitamins and minerals make the product look more appealing, but in essence are nothing more than useless. The nutrients may be advertised to be good for your hair, but all hair treatments work on the hair follicle itself, the “root of the plant,” and the follicles are not capable of absorbing so many different nutrients. Rather, they sit atop the follicle until they’re washed away.

Maple Holistic’s shampoos don’t rely on useless bell-and-whistle vitamins. Here you’ll find shampoos containing no unnecessary additives – all of the active ingredients which work for your natural hair types are the natural ingredients which contain properties your hair follicles can absorb.

Myth: Shampoos focusing on the fragrance means focusing on the quality.

Synthetic fragrances are designed by companies to attract customers to buy their shampoos. In essence, all they do is contribute artificial properties which are of no benefit to your hair.

Maple Holistic’s shampoos have zero synthetic fragrances added, providing an undiluted aroma from its natural ingredients. Every shampoo is infused with natural ingredients which not only work to benefit your hair but provide a pleasant aroma at the same time. No chemicals or synthetic “enhancements” added.

Myth: An “all-purpose” shampoo works wonders for all hair types.

Each different hair type requires slightly different actives to work best for it. Commercial dandruff shampoos claim to work against all head types – which is virtually impossible for the reason that if it were to contain all the different actives for all the different hair types, they would work against each other. This calls for practically any shampoo claiming to provide full benefits for a general clientele.

hair types

Hair types

Maple Holistic’s shampoos contain natural formulas targeting specific hair types. For example, argan oil shampoo is perfect for regular hair types. The natural ingredients work together to provide the best quality care for your scalp condition, instead of trying to cover all beds with one blanket.

Try Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

Like we discussed above dandruff can be a real issue.  The flakes, the itching, dandruff really has no redeeming factors. This is why there are so many shampoos that offer to get rid of dandruff. The problem is that many include harmful chemicals. This has led to many people looking for an alternative to the chemical filled shampoo. One such alternative is tea tree essential oil. This versatile essential oil has anti-fungal and bacterial properties that make it the perfect defense against dandruff. Maple Holistics has created a tea tree shampoo that not only utilizes dandruff neutralizing the power of tea tree oil but is mixed with other essential oils to moisturize and hydrate your hair as well.