Glamglow Face Mask Review: Do Glamglow Face Masks Work?

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Remember Face/Off? I thought that movie had potential. Well, face masks are kind of like that, only with better acting and cheaper effects. Taking your face off sounds unpleasant, but much like the aforementioned film it also has a lot of potential. And this is especially true when you’re talking about Glamglow’s products. This is our Glamglow Face Mask review.

Masks are an interesting concept, going back many thousands of years. On one hand, wearing a mask means hiding your true self and your real identity. But on the other hand, by wearing a mask you are free to be who you really are, precisely because you are wearing a mask. There is a kind of tension and duality there, and I love it.

Well, Glamglow’s face masks are not exactly the same as ordinary masks, but they will help you reveal a truer part of yourself. Their masks can strip away older parts of you, revealing the more youthful, healthier, sexier person underneath.

Glamglow Brand Explained

The Glamglow company was established in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, a husband and wife duo from Hollywood. I love those stories of couples going into business, and even more so when they are successful. This California couple didn’t intend their formulas to become the massive business that Glamglow currently is, but their products made it happen for them.

For a year or so, the couple was supplying Hollywood with their product. As demand grew so did the supply, and in 2011 the company became available to consumers all  over the world.

Glamglow’s first product was the Youthmud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment. The creative vision and scientific innovation which made it all come together is the very same vision and innovation which continues to power this company’s engines today. There are many versions of the Glamglow face mask, each with its own attributes and traits. Some are more about hydration and nourishment, others are about making the face set and firm.

Glamglow Berryglow Review

The Glamglow berryglow mask.

The Glamglow berryglow mask.

Glamglow advertises the Berryglow mask as being a mask you should use when you feel that your face has been through a lot, and you want to let it relax. Think of a shot of wheatgrass, or of apple and ginger root, or any other healthy substance that you consume quickly and benefit from. This is a lot like that a shot glass of wellness, but for your face.

First off, the Glamglow Berryglow really does smell like a berry shake or smoothie. Second, it brings with it this cool and fresh vibe, which I could sense way before I took the mask off. Incidentally, I left this one on a tad too long (thanks for that, internet cat videos…), but I didn’t get any resistance. So I guess I was right on the cusp of it drying on my face altogether. Or something close to that.

The company calls it a recovery mask, and there is definitely something to that. It is more of a “feel good” mask, with real berries, jojoba, shea butter, and probiotics thrown into the mix. It is a solid combination which delivers powerful results, and fast. As soon as those ingredients start the absorption process, you can feel an immediate change. As the company says: recovery.

Glamglow Youthmud Review

The Glamglow youthmud mask.

The Glamglow youthmud mask.

The Glamglow Youthmud mask exfoliates without being too harsh. The company says that within 10 minutes you’ll be able to witness a noticeable difference. It does feel nice and tight on the face, and it left the skin feeling soft and smooth.

I didn’t notice any more brightness than usual, nor did I feel a glow that was outside of the ordinary, but it does a good job overall. I usually will notice a kind of glow after a mask, regardless of the brand or type of mask. My skin reacts very easily to such treatments, so I am able to pass clear judgement, on a personal level.

It is always worth mentioning that beauty products are so very subjective and personal. I mean, the different companies can advertise all they want about things being “for men and women, old or young, and for all skin types”. Not that such universally approachable products are never welcome, but honestly I would rather spend money on a product which I know works best for me. That is a better investment.

Best of all, I found that this mud manages to cleanse my face without stripping away my sebum. This is something which I am sure was in development for quite a while. Not every product can pull that off the way this one does. To me, it shows that the company, its engineers, and its chemists are all dedicated to consumer satisfaction.

Glamglow Thirstymud Review

Glamglow's thirstymud mask.

Glamglow’s thirstymud mask.

The company calls the Glamglow Thirstymud product a hydrating treatment. While it is true that all the Glamglow masks provide hydration, this is the one which is meant to provide the user with the largest amounts of moisture. When your face retains higher degrees of moisture for longer periods of time, it seriously eases the issues which may present themselves during your day.

Some masks are recommended to be used once a week, but this one is actually recommended for use once every few days. It can work as a short-term leave-in (10-20 minutes), and any extra product can be wiped off or massaged into the skin. This mask is designed for men and women of all ages. Some of its ingredients are not the best, so to speak. But it does contain vitamins and goodies (e.g. ginger root, coconut oil, and orange blossom honey).

If you choose to use it as a night cream, simply apply and forget about it. Put it on, go to bed, and fall asleep. When you wake up in the morning, your skin will be singing your praises. I actually can’t personally vouch for the overnight experience, since I didn’t undergo it, but others have found this product to be great as a night cream. 

Glamglow Supermud Review

Glamglow's supermud mask.

Glamglow’s supermud mask.

The Glamglow Supermud mask is a clearing product. It works like a real charm for clogged pores, overly-oily complexion, blemishes, and more. Its active charcoal ingredient latches onto dirt, excess oils, and other skin imperfections, and it yanks them away from the surface of the skin. This leaves your face looking smooth and refreshed.

Some of the other cool active ingredients are a unique blend of six acids, as well as K17 clay, both of which are proprietary substances of Glamglow. This product pulls all of the excess grime and gunk to the surface. If your skin is not used to it (whether through regular use of this mask or use of other face masks), it could actually appear to have the reverse effect at first!

Supermud is one of the best clearing masks on the market today, in my opinion. But it also comes with no small amount of doubt and confusion. New users could be faced (pun totally intended!) with breaking out and being more sensitive. Just something to take into account, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen to everyone who chooses to use this mask.

Which Glamglow Mask Is Best?

Okay, so now we come to it. Which Glamglow mask is best? First of all, I didn’t list all of the types of mud Glamglow offers. Second, price is something I have to acknowledge right here. These masks are expensive. Worth it, yes – but pretty expensive. And this is after Glamglow lowered their prices in 2018. But you get what you pay for, that’s for sure. When you buy the original products, you will get your money’s worth and then some.

So, which is the best one? Obviously anything I can say will only be the result of my experience, and as such it is definitely unlike anyone else’s experience with these masks. If I had to choose one, though, I would go with the Thirstymud hydrating mask. Those natural ingredients are simply wonderful, and they’re too good to pass up. Those who have any type of dryness on their face (guilty!) will undoubtedly find solace and celebration with Thirstymud.


Glamglow travel sizes.

Try the sample sizes first to see if the Glamglow masks are for you.

Glamglow started off as a backstage/behind-the-scenes Hollywood thing. It looks as though Glenn and Shannon were – and still are – all about that hustle and about helping fellow hustlers bring their A-game. When you’re about to go under those hot lights and face the cameras, these masks can help your face and complexion be its most sexy, its smoothest, glowing, and full of life.

The prices are a strong consideration, no doubt about that. If you get the chance to try out the travel sizes, do it. It’s probably best to do that anyway, so you can find out what benefits you can get from these masks. And I have no doubt that once you find a mask that does your face some serious good, you won’t mind shelling out the dollars. You know what they say: quality never goes out of style.

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