Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Health Benefits Explained: Glow With Ginkgo

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Ginkgo is easily maintaining its position as one of the best-selling herbal supplements on the market today. You can use it to treat a variety of conditions since its therapeutic properties are many and varied. Whether you take it as a liquid extract, tablet, capsule, or as dried leaves for tea – it is one of the most sought-out medicinal herbs.

This is one of those supplements which has been around forever and will probably stay around forever. People in the scientific community are still skeptical, but it is important to remember that such remedies and tonics have been around for ages before science even existed. There is a reason why these traditions ruled the world at one time, and it is no trivial matter.

What Is Ginkgo Leaf? Where Does Ginko Leaf Come From?

Ginkgo leaf branch.

Ginkgo leaf tree.

The tree is thought to have originated in Southeast Asia. It made its way to the US in the late 18th century. Since then, it has been cultivated all over the world. There is a tree in China which is thought to be 3,500 years old, and the earliest fossils of the tree date back to 270 million years ago. 

Ginkgo Leaf Health Benefits Explained

Ginkgo leaf.

Ginkgo leaf health benefits.

Because of its ability to aid circulation, it has the potential to treat and provide relief for blood-related disorders. It is also linked to improved eye health, better cardiac function, and reducing anxiety and stress. It is truly a remedy for the body and mind.

Another function of the ginkgo leaf is improving sexual conduct and enhancing sexual energy. The leaf’s extract can boost the libido, which is why many male potency supplements include it in their formula. But make no mistake, this is not just the case for males. Females can also benefit from this leaf’s enormous potential, and get their mojo back.

Our sexual energy is part of what helps us with everyday life. It is not an energy which is for sex alone. Sex is merely acting on that energy, but it is always there inside of us, guiding us, and pointing us at directions that correspond with our personality, our genetic dispositions, and our unique proclivities.

Ginkgo Leaf Extract Explained

Ginkgo is especially potent and powerful in liquid extract form.

The Ginkgo leaf is dried and turned into an extract which is then collected and put into leaves for tea steeping, capsules, or tablets. There is also the method which is becoming more popular, and this is extracting it into a liquid form, known plainly as liquid leaf extract. It holds the same benefits as the other forms, but more is abundant in nutrients which are absorbed with greater ease than other methods of consumption.

The liquid extract like essential oils. also has a higher potency and is a more easily digested product (and one with a longer shelf life, too!). It also has a much more flexible dosage because it is not a tablet or capsule. Obviously, you should use it in moderation and following instructions, but generally speaking, it is rather flexible.

There are those who consider the plant’s extract to be harmful in large doses, regardless of the form you take it. To be fair, in large doses, this could be the case, just like any essential oil or plant extract. 

Since ginkgo interacts a lot with the digestive system, side-effects could be nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach aches. Again, moderation is key here. You start with a small dosage, and gradually ramp up and adjust to the recommended dosage.

What Does The Ginkgo Leaf Symbolize?

Ginkgo leaf on tree.

Ginkgo leaf symbolism.

It comes as no surprise that this tree symbolizes profound endurance and growth. Asian art and culture make use of the ginkgo due to its leaves’ unique beauty. It has served as inspiration for many works of art over the centuries, and in ancient China, artists often depicted the gingko as the Buddha’s tree. You would be able to find the tree in temples all across the Asian continent, and with the advent of the industrial age and the opening of trade routes from Japan to the Western world, the rest of us got to enjoy the wonder that is the ginkgo tree.


It’s symbolism, longevity, and beauty notwithstanding, in my opinion, the most amazing thing about this tree is the way it interacts with humans and how it can treat different conditions.

Using nature to better ourselves – this is the primary function of these miraculous plants and trees. The ability to take them and use them to our advantage is not at all trivial. And more than that, the idea that we can use this sole-survivor, this “living fossil” as its known, is nothing short of amazing. There is a reason why evolution has kept this tree around, and we are all glad that it did.

Regardless of any clinical testing, I am always a supporter of hands-on experience. Nothing can take the place of personal experience, and this is undoubtedly true to plant extracts such as these. Researchers will keep investigating this plant’s properties, but those who are interested in reaping its benefits needn’t wait for anyone in a white lab coat to give them the green light. Give it a shot, and let it influence your body and mind for the better.


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