Fall Nail Ideas:Top 5 Fall Nail Colors

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Fall brings with it many changes. Even if we miss the dazzling summer days, lazy hours spent at the beach, and bright colors we wore on our clothes and nails in the summer. But fall has its own array of excitement!

Trying new fall nail colors is a great way to switch up your nail routine and dress up an outfit. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bright outfit in the fall you can almost always get away with wearing the bright color on your nails. We hope these fall nail color ideas provide you with inspiration for the next time you paint your nails.

Red Nail Polish For All Year Round!

Red nail polish being painted on nails.

Red nail polish.

I think it’s safe to assume that red is never going out, or at least not anytime soon. It’s been in style for decades. In the 1950s, Revlon created its bestselling Cherries in the Snow nail polish for women to have red nail polish to match their scarlet lips. 

Red is an all-season color. It’s perfectly acceptable and fashionable to boast red nails in the fall, spring, summer, and winter. In ancient China, nail polish signified class. The lower class used to wear nude and light-colored nail polish while the upper class wore their nails red. So, if you feel like looking royal and fashionable, try a red shade this season. Red is an empowering color – the bold shade is bound to give you a confidence boost!

Navy Fall Nails

Navy is another royal shade that can look so classy. Perhaps a little less versatile than red but still looks super stylish on almost every skin tone. I love the glittery navy shades; they look gorgeous. Navy is the perfect nail color if you’re looking to try something a little different than usual.

Champagne Fall Nails 

If you’re looking for a more neutral color, try champagne. Not as bold as a red or navy, but just as beautiful and wintry. Champagne is great for everyday wear and for special occasions, such as weddings. Somehow, champagne nails dress up almost every outfit and make you look so classy!

Purple Fall Nails

Hand showing purple nail polish.

Purple nail polish.

There are many variations of purples available. You can go for a wine tone or a glittery purple. O.P.I offers a range of purple hues. You can even deviate from the darker wintry shades and try some brighter tones instead. Fall doesn’t have to mean dull colors.

Copper Fall Nails

Copper or rose gold is the new yellow gold. It’s the perfect fall shade to glam up an outfit – bright but not too summery. There are plenty of beautiful copper metallic shades available. Consider Essie’s penny talk or O.P.I’s GREAT COPPER-TUNITY, which is a Copper Chrome Powder that’s a little different to the traditional nail polish. But if you’re into trying new things, O.P.I’s GREAT COPPER-TUNITY will certainly make your nails pop.


These are just a few ideas. There are so many other nail colors to choose from. And if you really have trouble finding a wintry shade that you love, you can always wear on your nails the summer color that you love in a shade darker.

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