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Eleuthero Root Benefits And Uses Explained

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When the winter time sniffles hit, many of us turn to pharmaceutical medication to help get us through the season. However, in many cases, using pure herbal extracts is a healthier and more cost-effective solution. Of course, the key here is knowing which ones to use and how to use them.

Many of us are familiar with ginseng and its wide range of health benefits. Ginseng helps boost the immune system and calm internal inflammation. So it’s no surprise that Eleuthero, otherwise known as Siberian Ginseng, is a wellness powerhouse as well.

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Eleuthero Can Help You Beat The Winter Sniffles.

Siberian Ginseng is known for being a highly potent immune booster which helps keep you healthy and ward off disease.  It also helps provide your body with more energy and vitality, so you can better get through the day even when you have the sniffles.

You can take this herb in supplement form, or even add it raw to recipes with grapefruit (read about grapefruit essential oil) for an immune system boost. It is an amazing alternative to over-the-counter medications both in cost and effectiveness. So if you’ve been looking for a natural way to improve health and wellness in the wintertime, try adding Eleuthero to your supplement routine.

However, I would advise monitoring your health while using any natural product or alternative medicine. This is because you may have an unexpected allergic reaction or find that it’s ineffective altogether, so you would want to stop taking it immediately.

Utilizing homeopathic forms of medicine is especially great for prevention. That is actually their primary function within healthcare.

What is Eleuthero? Where Does it Come From?

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Eleuthero Grows On A Shrub In Northeastern Asia.

Eleuthero, otherwise known as Siberian ginseng, is known to have originated in Northeastern Asia, especially Japan, China and parts of Russia. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not actually a form of ginseng -- despite the nickname name ‘Siberian ginseng.’

The shrub is common to woody areas where the climate is usually cool and damp. What makes it unique is its hardy root system that can grow in a variety of different soils. This includes acidic, loamy, light or heavy soils with variable pH balances. Eleuthero helps to retain and sustain the soil’s nutrients (adding to the humus content). It also helps prevent soil erosion, which can occur with drier soils or wind-swept regions. This aids in preventing flooding when it rains particularly heavily.

The shrub is usually covered with many thorns and for this reason, has been dubbed the “touch me not.” The leaves and roots of the shrub are primarily used for medicinal purposes. However, the flowers and berries are currently being studied for their possible uses and benefits as well.

Eleuthero Root Health Benefits Explained:

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Eleuthero Helps You Feel Healthy and Vital.

This herb has a number of different medicinal uses. Both the root and leaves are a popular component in ancient Chinese medicine and have been for hundreds of years. They have been utilized to treat and prevent a wide range of health ailments. For example, they can help fend off Alzheimer’s as well as lower cholesterol levels. This helps keep the mind sharp and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Eleuthero root can also help reduce blood sugar levels which helps prevent type 2 diabetes. In order for this to work most effectively, I would recommend making an herbal tea from the root, simply ground the root down into a powder, then add it to a natural tea mixture. This will efficiently deliver glucose and insulin regulating properties directly where they’re needed most, to your liver and bloodstream.

The root is a great stress treatment because it helps to regulate blood flow to the brain, which helps boost other cognitive functions as well. For instance, Eleuthero root is also recommended for studying since it helps with focus and memory.

The Chemical Breakdown of Eleuthero Root Explained

The natural chemical compounds in Eleuthero are extremely vast. There is a large range of natural polyphenols, minerals, and naturally occurring plant-based compounds. Lignans, sesamin, syringaresinol, phenylpropanes, coumarins, beta-sitosterol, and daucosterol are just some of the many health-boosting compounds found within Eleuthero.

It just so happens that the polyphenols are contained in the leaves and root of the plant. These antioxidants include caffeic acid, ferulic acid, vanillic acid, benzoic acid and p-coumaric acid. This antioxidant blend is responsible for giving the plant many of its potent healing properties.

The rich amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium also helps to strengthen the body’s natural immune system. These nutrients also aid in improving skin cell regeneration as well as improving general bone health.

Eleuthero Root Essential Oil Benefits Explained

When used in the form of an essential oil, the healing properties that occur in the plant are much more concentrated. Therefore, Eleuthero is more effective when applied to the skin or added to a natural blend, both tea, and essential oils.

The natural components that come out in its essential oil form are α-bisabolol (26%), β-caryophyllene (7%), germacrene D (7%), β-bisabolene (5%), and α-humulene (4%). These are responsible for the plant’s natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic abilities. This allows it to be used topically to help heal cuts and scrapes.

Each of these chemical compounds has its own role in helping increase the medicinal properties in Eleuthero. They allow the herb to work as an effective tool in dealing with specific ailments. They also help in maintaining overall health as well. These chemicals are what conventional pharmaceutical companies often seek to attain from organic matter or synthesize through chemical processes. However, in most cases, the best way to receive their most potent benefits is to go to the source directly.

Eleuthero Side Effects Explained

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Be Sure To Check with Your Doctor Before Using Eluetheri If You Are On Any Medications.

Eleuthero is a pretty strong herbal extract and is often used under strict guidance from a medical practitioner or licensed alternative healer. This is because the plant may have negative side effects for people who suffer from a hormone imbalance or a pre-existing mental health issue. Those with mania, insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and serious heart disease should stay away from Eleuthero.

If you do plan on using Eleuthero while suffering from any of these health issues, it’s imperative that you ensure you stick to the recommended dosage. You must also monitor your vital signs while using the plant.

If you use digoxin or hexobarbitalon on a regular basis, consulting a doctor is a must before using Eleuthero. In fact, if you’re taking any form of medication, you should definitely check with your doctor before beginning to supplement with Eleuthero. You must also avoid consuming alcohol in order to ensure that you don’t suffer from any contraindications.


Ultimately, I think that the health benefits of Eleuthero extract outweigh the possible side effects that this plant may induce. This is as long as you use the plant correctly and in the correct dosages of course.

As far as natural extracts go, this is easily one of the most potent natural detox agents you can use on a regular basis. Eleuthero benefits cognitive function, stress, and immune health.  So if you’re looking for good bang for your buck and aren’t interested in standard pharmaceutical products, try adding Eleuthero extract to your health and wellness routine.

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