Are Eggs Good For Dogs? Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs?

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I gave up eggs a few years ago. But just because I decided to stop eating them, it didn’t mean for a second that I would make my dog give them up as well. Think about it. Dogs and cats have been observed countless times, eating right out of birds’ nests with no problem.

The domesticated canines came from wolves. Wolves are classic predators who will eat pretty much anything, and you can bet your bottom dollar that whenever wolves attacked hens, they also ate the eggs. It’s only natural.

You could argue that wolves are not exactly the type to stick around and eat the eggs. I am sure there is data to support both claims, so you’ll have to take your pick. Regardless, eggs do seem to be the kind of food which agrees with their doggy descendants, even if wolves never bothered with them.  

There is such an idea as getting too much of a good thing, you know. Moderation is key. That means that whatever you feed your doggy, from raw food to processed snacks, needs to be portioned out properly. Just as I do this with dog shampoo, I also do this with dog food. The key is the right ingredients in the right amounts. 

Are Raw Eggs Good For Dogs To Eat?

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Raw Eggs Are Delicious for Dogs

Of all the different ways to consume eggs, a predator’s best bet is to eat them raw.(yes your dog falls into this category no matter how sweet and fluffy he is). It is the best possible way to pick up all of the good stuff which eggs possess. Eggs contain the building blocks of life, and so they are full of nutrients. Why is that? Well, because the egg is intended to form and subsequently house a live chick, until it is time for it to hatch.

There is (or was?) a question of raw egg whites and biotin deficiency. I think there are still some unanswered questions on this issue. Raw eggs, when given as a supplement and not a main dish, can provide your furry roommate with all of the extra vitality it needs, and in most cases there is no reported deficiency in anything. Raw eggs can provide your doggy with a boost. Everything in moderation.

Are Hard Boiled Eggs Good For Dogs?

The short answer is yes, they are good for them. Dogs can eat hard boiled eggs with no problem. As mentioned, there is a chance that some of the amounts of nutrients could be diminished as a result of the boiling process. But, a clear advantage of that method is that it is the easiest way to provide your doggy with eggs.

Are Scrambled Eggs Good For Dogs?

Scrambled eggs are also a fine food for dogs, but you need to watch what you put in them. Here, the scrambled eggs need to be clean and free of any additives. No oils, no garlic, no onions, no avocado, no salt, pepper, or other spices. Perhaps a bit of cheese (since we know how much dogs love cheese), and that is it. Serve it plain and simple, and your dog will be good to go. Once again, start with small portions and see if your doggy’s stomach can handle it. Some are more sensitive than others, just like us humans.

Are Egg Shells Safe For Dogs?

The shells of an egg are a good source of calcium, and eating them can be beneficial for most dogs. The question here is how exactly to serve them. Some simply leave them broken up and let the dog work it out. Some say that you are better off grinding it to a fine powder and sprinkling it over whatever it is you are feeding your dog.

I suppose it depends on how picky your dog is, and also on the condition of his teeth. Many dogs have no discrimination against, well, anything. They look at our plates longingly, as if to say: “Trust me, bub. Whatever it is, I’ll eat it”. I tend to take their word for it. Dogs have a history of eating all kinds of foods, things, and inanimate objects. Heck, they even eat things which are not good for them at all -- lengthy russian novels, throw pillows, and even chocolate. Like I said, no discrimination.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Eggs For Dogs

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Eggs are Full of Nutrients for a Healthy Pup

However you decide to serve them, eggs can do your doggy a lot of good. They provide him (or her) with a healthy dose of nutrients. Commercial dog food doesn’t always have it all, in spite of what it may say on the bag. This is due to the fact that not all dogs are alike. If you feel your dog could use a bit more of a protein punch, eggs may be just the thing.  The top 3 health benefits of eggs for dogs are:

  1. Plenty of protein. Eggs are full of animal protein, and this is primarily what a dog’s meal should consist of. It helps to build up the body, from the inside out.
  2. Vitamin B7 (aka biotin). The yolks of the eggs have a variety of nutrients, and biotin is one of them. It aids in the development of a healthy coat. As for the biotin deficiency issue -- it would take a large amount of egg whites to cause a deficiency in B7. Unless you know your dog is already suffering from such a deficiency, eggs will be no problem.
  3. Vitamin D. This is another vitamin which is found in abundance in this particular food. It works together with the protein inside of the egg, to improve your doggy’s teeth and bones.

Depending on the dog’s current diet, eggs could be a real treat. Whether it is raw, hard boiled, scrambled, or even soft boiled, an egg can be the perfect addition to your dog’s bowl.

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Eggs as dog food enhancers is still something of a controversy. Some say eggs are fine and shells are not. Some say raw is fine, but cooked is not. Yolks, not whites. And so on.

Ultimately, it is up to you. Start small, see what your dog can handle, and go with it. Eggs are generally safe and healthy for most dogs, so don’t be afraid of feeding them to your animal buddy.

If you feel your dog might be allergic or otherwise sensitive to eggs, the best thing to do would be to discontinue serving them, to consult with your vet, and maybe find a suitable replacement.

As always, an article will never be able to take the place of sound professional advice. If there is a question or doubt, talk to your vet. Better to err on the side of caution, and avoid any unfortunate incidents. Cleaning up a dog’s vomit or diarrhea is never a day at the beach, so be mindful of your furry friend’s behavior.

Eggs are a complete and wholesome food source for dogs. They are relatively cheap, and can technically be given every day. It is one of the best and most accessible food supplements around. It is doing something good for a pup, and much easier to give to him than flea medication.