Ciate London Company Review 2018: Is The Hype Real?

Published on Nov 20, 2018 in Cosmetics

Your manicure is the perfect way to tie together your outfit and brighten up your day. Once, you had to go out and get a manicure in a salon; today, you can create that same look in your PJ’s from the comfort of your couch. Ciate is for all those who want a “not-typical” manicure but want to be able to create the look on their own.

With their striking and lively colors, it’s not hard to see that Ciate’s founder, Charlotte Knight, was known for her creativity. Their nail polish, polish toppers and makeup encourage you to be yourself, and to let your imagination lead the way.


Charlotte Knight

Charlotte Knight, founder of Ciate London, had always had a strong creative side and a love of beauty products. When she moved to Ireland at the age of 21, she couldn’t get over the fact that there was no place to get a manicure. Seeing this need, she opened the first nail salon in Dublin, Ireland, which was an instant success.

After having previously worked as a session nail technician alongside professionals in the fashion industry, and having successfully started her own nail salon, Knight dreamed of launching her own nail polish line. She would often doodle her dream bottle design, which would later become the signature look for her company’s bottle. In 2009, she decided to take the plunge, and choosing the name Ciate London – which stands for Color Innovation Aspiration Trend and Extraordinary – her dream was finally realized.


You might be familiar with Ciate London because of their popular nail polish range. However, their cosmetic line is no less impressive, featuring face makeup, lip products and eye products, in both soft and neutral colours as well as fun and eccentric colours. The brand is recognized for its unique shades and classy, feminine packaging.


Being that it all began with nails, Ciate London has a range of colors and ten finishes available for nail polish, as well as a few nail toppers that can be added to your base nail color for extra pop.

Ciate London Nail Polish

What’s unique about the company is that they’re not afraid to introduce products that haven’t been seen yet – they’re innovative, creative and fearless, which is what makes their products so popular.

I love shimmer in nail polish, and the minute I saw Ciate’s Moondust I instantly loved it. Apparently, I’m not the only one, either, because on their website it is currently sold out. The color is a shimmery medium purple with gold/bronze hues. You could wear it on its own or with a topper, and it’s the kind of color that works with almost any skin tone.

I’m also a real pink girl, so I love the color Strawberry Milkshake, which is a soft, baby pink. To get the best results from Ciate nail polish, apply at least two coats of polish, and after it’s dry, add Ciate’s Geology Top Coat, which will give your nails a shiny, glossy finish and increase the polish’ wear time.

The polishes all come in a super-cute bottle, many with the iconic beribboned bow that has come to be Ciate’s symbol. You’re guaranteed to find a shade you love, and the polish will last perfectly for a good few days without chipping or cracking. The brushes also make it really easy to apply.


If you’re the type who’s obsessed with creating unique nail looks, you’re sure to love Ciate’s Nail Lab Kit. It’s the everything-you-might-need-for-your-nails-and-more set. The kit comes in a large, shiny gold box, with nail polish colors featured in small squares on two of its sides; it opens at the top and has three drawers underneath (with Ciate’s signature black ribbon that you pull on to open the drawers).

Ciate London Nail Lab Kit

When you open the top of the case, you’ll see two pockets attached to the lid: one holding seven cards called Recipe Cards, and one holding seven Get the Look cards. The Recipe cards’ functions are exactly as they sound: they each portray and describe a look that you can create using different colors and glitters. Each card tells you which nail polishes and glitters you’ll need to achieve this look and offers a step-by-step guide to help you produce the perfect formula. The Get the Look cards each feature original nail art samples and show you how to style your nails for a quirky, fun look.

Then you’ll find six nail polish bottles that you can choose to wear on their own, use as a base color, or mix to create your own looks or the ones shown on the cards above. The colors included are Mistress (bright red), Raincoat (soft nude/champagne), Amazing Gracie (pearly light pink), Power Dressing (dark purpley-blue), Pillow fight (lilac) and Ferris wheel (light blue). In the middle is a large section that you can use as a working space to create your polish.

In the first drawer, there are six Suspension Top Coats – clear coats that you apply to your completed nails to give them extra shine and seal all its colors and glitters in place. There are also two empty bottles, which you can use to hold the nail polishes that you create.

The second drawer holds all the glitters – 12 to be exact, in Glitter, Flitter, Sparkle and Shimmer pots, plus two empty nail polish bottles to hold your custom colors.

And the last drawer holds all the tools you might need to create your dream shade – a petri dish, 2 small test tubes, a funnel (to easily transfer glitters to the test tubes), a nail file, 2 nail buffers, a paint brush, a dotting tool, a scoop, a striper brush, small mixing bowls, and naming stickers, so the color really becomes your own.

I love the idea of this nail kit, and if you love nails, or know someone who does, the Nail Lab kit would be a perfect present. Because it was a limited edition, you can’t buy it from Ciate’s website any more, but I did find it for sale on eBay.


Ciate London Mini Month Advent Calendar

This count-down to Christmas calendar comes in an adorable package that opens like a book. Inside are 24 boxes, each housing a different colored mini nail polish for every day of the month until Christmas. Each year, the advent calendar has another theme (my favorite part, actually. The themes are just so original!).

The boxes inside are all labeled with numbers 1 through 24, and when you open the door to take out the polish, there’s a unique quote which adds so much to the whole effect. This is honestly one of the most original ideas I have seen as far as nail polish is concerned, and come on, every girl, whether they’re ten or sixty (or older or younger!) would love this as a present. You can find them for sale on Ciate’s website during the holiday and pre-holiday season.


Although the company started with nails, they have since expanded to include their own cosmetic line, including personalized makeup bags.

Ciate London Dewy Stix

One of their makeup products is the Ciate London Dewy Stix Highlighter. I really am not a fan of incredibly shimmery highlighters that make you look like you fell headfirst into a box of glitter. I like a healthy glow, and a bit of shimmer on my eyelids and lips, but not a whole ton of it on my face. If you like a lot of shimmer in your highlighter, this is not for you.

The Dewy Stix Highlighter kind of reminds me of a roll-on sunscreen, because of its dome-shaped top. You can apply it straight to your face or dab it on to your finger and spread on your skin. What does it do? This highlighter will give you a definite, but natural, non-shimmery glow. You can apply it to areas that you want to highlight, such as your cheek bones, nose, and cupid’s bow. It has a really subtle effect, but your makeover is not the same without it.

It’s super easy to apply – it just glides right on and is smooth in consistency. Dewy Stix comes in three universally flattering shades that work with virtually every skin tone: Glow (clear), Gleam (soft gold) and Lustre (pinky-gold, which has slightly more of a shimmer). If you like a natural, subtle glow with a dewy finish, it’s definitely worth checking out this product.


Ciate London Glow-To Illuminating Blush

First off, I have to mention how much I love the presentation of Ciate’s Glow-To Illuminating Blushes. Each one has a main blush color with a soft gold illuminator swirled through, giving it a marble effect. They’re also imprinted with stars, and Ciate’s famous bow.

Like the Dewy Stix Highlighter, Ciate’s Glow-To Illuminating Blush offers a soft, natural glow, but it’s slightly more shimmery than the highlighter. I’m fair-skinned with naturally rosy cheeks, so I’m not a super-blush girl; however, the Glow-To blushes are really buildable, and even one coat provides a subtle glow without too much pigment or shimmer. If you like more color or shimmer, feel free to layer it on! The Glow-To blushes also work well as eyeshadows on their own, or you can blend them with other eyeshadow colors. And they’re available in six beautiful colors, so you’ll be able to find the right shade for your skin tone.


Yes, Ciate London is strictly cruelty-free and does not test on animals.


While Ciate is not officially a vegan brand, they do have a vast range of products for nails, eyes, face and lips that are vegan-friendly. For a full list of their vegan products, email and the company will help you out.


If you feel like dressing up your everyday look, but don’t want to go too out there – or maybe you do! – changing your nail color is a fun way to improve your look and your mood. Charlotte Knight understood that while you might not want to go all out and dye your hair, there are those days when you just want to brighten your appearance, and revamping your manicure is just the thing for it. So why not check out Ciate and see what colors will speak to you? Don’t be scared to try something new – it might be just the thing that you hadn’t realized you were missing.

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