Black Pepper Essential Oil vs. Cajeput Essential Oil

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There are almost 100 essential oils currently on the market. Some of them share certain attributes and health benefits, and some are produced using the same methods. In this article, we will compare certain aspects of both cajeput and black pepper oil.

Essential oils have many uses. They are typically used as food additives, as alternative or primary forms of medication (prevention and treatment), and as cosmetics and beauty agents. No matter how you choose to use them, essential oils can boost your body, and mind and provide a lot of help, along this rough and winding road called life.

Think I am overdoing it? Guess again. The connection between essential oils and the health and vitality of mankind has been growing for thousands of years. Even in the face of these post-postmodern times, it shows no signs of abating.

What Is Cajeput Essential Oil?

White fuzzy flower with leaves.

Melaleuca Cajuputi Plant.

Cajeput essential oil is the product of the Melaleuca cajuputi as well as other Melaleuca tree species. It is an oil which is made from the dry leaves of the tree. These leaves are collected under hot weather conditions, and are prepared using overnight fermentation and a following distillation process.

The result is white tea tree oil – which is has a very strong scent, and many therapeutic benefits. The main producer of this oil is Indonesia, but there are others who cultivate and produce it, such as Vietnam and Australia.

What is Black Pepper Essential Oil?

Black pepper oil comes from the fruit of the Piper nigrum tree. This tree is native to the southern plains of India, but is grown in other locations as well. The oil of the tree is produced by taking the fruit (peppercorn), and steam-distilling it. Black pepper is not only a popular condiment but also a powerful essential oil.

Cajeput Oil For Hair And Hair Growth

The nourishing oil of cajeput creates a warm environment that is great for scalp health. When applied to the scalp, it even has the potential of encouraging the hair follicles to grow stronger.

The unique scent of cajeput can also keep lice and other kinds of bugs away from your scalp, thereby promoting a healthier head of hair.

I have been using olive oil with a bit of coconut oil and cajeput oil in my beard and hair for a few months now. I can tell you how great it feels to take a cap-full of healing oils, and give my scalp and facial hair a boost of vitality and warmth. It feels especially great during colder days of Autumn and Winter.

Black Pepper Essential Oil For Hair And Hair Growth

Black pepper is great for your body. Both black pepper powder and its essential oil form provide various benefits for your hair and skin. As for hair, the oil of black pepper has the ability to stimulate hair growth. Now, just to be clear, there are other oils which can achieve the same results. The whole point is that YOU find the oil which fits you the best. Remember – this is not a competition.

The one clear advantage of using the essential oil, rather than the actual black pepper, is that there isn’t much chance that you will experience a sneezing attack while using the oil.

Cajeput Oil For Skin

Woman getting a back massage.

Cajeput oil has strong natural antispasmodic properties.

Cajeput oil is listed among the inactive ingredients of the world-famous Tiger Balm, claiming 7% of the final product’s makeup. I suppose they have it listed as an inactive ingredient because there is a larger amount of  camphor in the balm, and so it is considered inactive.

According to the Tiger Balm official website, “it is traditionally used as a general antiseptic, anti-neuralgic, antispasmodic, tonic, antipyretic, expectorant, vermifuge… (and) is stimulating and invigorating.”

The soothing effects it has on the skin are really great. You can feel that tingle as soon as you put it on, and massage it in. Your body stops everything, and is like: “whoa, what just happened?” That’s the power of cajeput oil.  It is also great if you are  suffering from a fungal infection on your skin, or from mite bites (scabies). Skin care is one of the primary functions of many essential oils, and this one is no different.

Black Pepper Essential Oil For Skin

Small brown bottle surrounded by leaves.

Black Pepper Essential Oil for Skin.

Black pepper oil has the ability to help increase circulation. It gets warm, so watch out when you apply it topically. Some say it’s best to avoid applying it topically all together. It is up to you, really, but whatever you do, do it with caution. It is advisable, as with most essential oils, to dilute this oil with a carrier oil. Black pepper is used every day, all over the world, but its oil is much less well known, so take advantage of this unique essential oil.

After putting the oil on your skin, you may feel a kind of awakening. It is part of the stimulating effects which it possesses, and is very beneficial when applied moderately.

Which Oil Is More Effective?

This is a question which has no single answer. The only true answer is: it is completely up to you. It is your body we are talking about, not anyone else’s.

This means that when you are trying to decide between a couple of essential oils, you should ideally give them both a try. That is the only real way to see which ones appeal to you on a physical and mental level, and decide which one is the best fit for you.

As I said, there are different essential oils out there, and they can technically all have the same type of effect. It is all about how you use them, where you apply them, whether or not you ingest them, and so on.

Essential oils are very personal and subjective thing. Sense of smell as well as sensory experience as a whole, really has to do with the individual. Amazing how some people can think one thing to be too pungent for application, whereas others take it and apply it to their skin with no sensitivities whatsoever.


Woman with arms open wide and head thrown back in field.

Use either Cajeput or Black Pepper oil for better hair and smoother skin.

Cajeput oil and black pepper oil are two essential oils which may not be the best-known or most recognized, but they have a lot of benefits to offer all of us. Whether it is for skin, hair, or general health and prevention of illness – cajeput and pepper oil can be a surprising solution. The only way to know which is the oil for you is by actually trying one for a while, to fully experience it.

When diluted with a carrier veggie oil, like olive or almond oil. These oils can be applied almost anywhere (not open cavities or wounds, of course). The soles of the feet are actually a popular location.

Finally, a word of warning. Like all essential oils, these two are highly potent and very strong substances. Use only as directed, and if you plan on incorporating them into your daily life, consult with a healthcare professional.

Also, small children and pregnant or nursing women should probably avoid using these oils, unless they got the green light from their doctor. Just as a safety measure, since you don’t want to end up harming the body with the very thing that is supposed to heal and maintain it.

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