Best Lush Hair Care Products Review

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Tired of the same old hair care products providing the same old hair care experience, effect, and benefits (or lack thereof) for your hair? I wouldn’t be surprised! Not only are these products minimally distinguishable, many of them are made with unnatural preservatives and fillers. This generally compromises on safety and effectiveness for the sake of costs and profits.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a personal care products company out there that put safety and effectiveness first? While also innovating their hair care products in order to offer their customers new, fresh, and exciting products? Luckily for you, such a company is here – Lush!

Lush's hair products including shampoos and conditioners.

Lush hair products.

Lush has become a near household name-level brand thanks to their wildly popular bath and shower time products, including their beloved bath bombs. However, Lush also has an amazing line of hair care products to offer as well!

From unique takes on the traditional in hair care products, such as shampoo and conditioners, to the unconventional – shampoo bars, henna hair dyes, styling treatments, and more – Lush’s full line of hair care products is designed to help consumers (men and women alike) gain and maintain healthy, attractive hair in safe, natural, and exciting ways.

Lush’s hair product line is diverse enough to accommodate all different kinds of hair. Rest assured, regardless of your hair texture or color, Lush can provide a solution for you.

Lush Shampoos Review

In typical Lush fashion, their shampoo line is composed of formulas and mixtures which combine only the best in natural fruits, vegetables, oils, substances, and other ingredients. As much as Lush likes to push the envelope in terms of personal care changes and advancements, there’s just something about the winning shampoo design that doesn’t warrant changing. You have a bottle full of a liquid shampoo which easily dispenses from the bottle. Some people aren’t going to want to mess with this tried and tested formula, no matter what.

Therefore, it was up to the British company to upgrade their liquid formulas themselves from the usual, most commonly bought shampoos in order to stand out. They have done a fantastic job of this, incorporating a wide variety of natural, safe, effective, and pleasantly fragrant ingredients in all of their shampoos, the best of which (in my humble opinion) are as follows:

Lush Jersey Bounce Shampoo Review

Lush's jersey bounce shampoo.

Jersey bounce.

One of their most popular shampoos, Jersey Bounce, accomplishes what you might imagine it would, when considering its name – volume! Jersey Bounce can get your hair in the swing of things, Jersey style! It accomplishes this by pumping up your locks with mineral-rich, coarse sea salt. This both cleanses your hair and has a volumizing effect.

Also included in the formula are softening linseed decoction, nourishing honey, and protein-rich, organic free range eggs for softening and managing difficult or stubborn hair. Give it a try and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try to volumize your hair before!

Lush Big Shampoo Review

Lush's big shampoo.

Big shampoo.

Big is not dissimilar to Jersey Bounce – they both use coarse sea salt in order to add volume to hair in need of a boost. However, they accomplish their tasks in somewhat different ways. Big is full of minerals that degrease and cleanse hair, removing dead skin cells in the process and leaving hair with a clean, fresh feeling.

A seaweed and coconut oil infusion nourish damaged hair, while fresh citrus juices add shine to even the most stubborn, dull heads of hair. It’s no exaggeration to say that Big shampoo is one big deal!

Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo Review

The truth is that virtually all of Lush’s shampoos could incorporate the “I Love Juicy” slogan. All do take advantage of the benefits and healthy properties contained in different natural juices to make great formulas! However, I Love Juicy simply takes things to the next level. Containing fresh fruit juices of pineapple, mango, kiwi, and more, the ingredients label for I Love Juicy might look more like it belongs on a Snapple bottle than shampoo.

The juices in the formula help mop up excess sebum which comes from the scalp, and sea salt and seaweed extract add volume while softening tough locks. It’s one of the most popular shampoos in the Lush line up for a reason! Also available are Rehab, Daddy-O, Fairly Traded Honey, No Drought, Blousey, Curly Wurly, and Cynthia Sylvia Stout – all of which offer unique benefits and properties for your shampoo needs.

Lush Shampoo Bars Review

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? People love using bars of soap to clean their body, so why shouldn’t they love using bars to clean their hair? It’s funny, gels have ‘crossover appeal’ – people use liquid cleaners on their body and hair – but bars, seemingly, do not.

Well, seemingly is the operative word here, because as it turns out, people absolutely love using bars to clean their hair. Especially shampoo bars from the popular cosmetics brand! Once again, with their shampoo bar innovations, they are effectively changing the way that people think about a personal care product.

Lush shampoo bars are compact yet long-lasting, packed with effective ingredients and essential oils, and every bit as effective as liquid shampoo (if not more so). The UK team boasts that their shampoo bars are good for up to 80 uses. I personally have found that this is, if anything, a conservative estimate.

Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar Review

Lush's brazilliant shampoo bar.


Studies show that most women who seek hair care solutions are looking for ways to straighten, calm, and manage their thick or curly hair. Brazilliant is a shampoo bar that not only accomplishes these tasks, but smells great while doing it! Made with andiroba oil, a natural de-tangling agent, Brazilliant is an orange-colored bar that is hand crafted to help transform thick, unruly hair into soft, smooth, and shiny hair that is conditioned and ready to go!

Ylang ylang oil and orange oil help create the pleasant scent while providing additional shine that makes your hair look absolutely fantastic.

Lush Copperhead Shampoo Bar Review

Lush's copperhead shampoo bar.


When I hear the term “Copperhead,” I usually think of the Batman villain of the same name. Not a revitalizing and moisturizing shampoo bar that can transform my hair in a very short amount of time. However, they may have done a good enough job with this one to change my word association.

Copperhead keeps hair looking vibrant, moisturized, and soft. It accomplishes this with its unique blend of freshly ground coffee (yes, you read that correctly), conditioning henna, cocoa butter, fairtrade vanilla, and roasted coca extract. It may sound like an odd combination, but boy does it get the job done. Oh, and it smells absolutely delicious while doing it!

Lush Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar Review

Lush's honey i washed my hair shampoo bar.

Honey i washed my hair.

The biggest Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar problem you’re going to have is resisting the temptation to eat or try some of this amazing smelling bar. Please don’t, it’s only meant for shampooing! Honey I Washed My Hair and its intoxicating honey-toffee scent contain real fair trade honey that will moisturize hair while cleaning, adding volume, and adding one of the best aromas you may ever have the pleasure of smelling.

Also available in the shampoo bar category are Lullaby, Montalbano, Jason and the Argan Oil, New!, Seanik, Karma Komba, Avocado Co-Wash (an avocado lovers favorite!), Jumping Juniper, Godiva, and Soak and Float.

Lush Conditioners Review

When it comes to Lush shampoos, we have the regular shampoos, and we have the shampoo bars. Things are no different when it comes to Lush conditioners. Lush prides itself on its diverse array of conditioning offerings, not only in terms of its form (bar or liquid) but in terms of conditioning strength. Lush offers conditioning in levels ranging from lightweight to triple-strength. No matter your conditioning needs, Lush is sure to have you covered.

I highly encourage trying the conditioners until you find the one that works best for you, or even more ideally visiting a Lush store to speak to a professional Lush associate and sample the conditioners. You won’t be sorry that you did! My personal favorite Lush conditioners are as follows:

Lush Big Conditioner Bar Review

Lush's big conditioner bar.

Big conditioner bar.

Sea salt, hydrating coconut oil, and bladderwrack seaweed combine to condition your hair while adding volume and shine, all in the package of a compact off-white bar in Big. Jasmine and fair trade vanilla extract has the scent of the bar impressively covered. This conditioner will not interfere with the scent of other products or do anything but enhance the aroma of your hair – guaranteed.

Fresh lemon and lime juice top things off in the formula by adding shine. This helps make this one of the most effective, beneficial conditioning products you will find.

Lush Jungle Conditioner Bar Review

Lush's jungle conditioner bar.

Jungle conditioner.

Lush boasts that Jungle is “the fruitiest solid conditioner ever made” – a somewhat bold claim, but one that I can confidently grant my stamp of approval to. With a base that includes freshly mashed bananas, avocado, figs, kumquats, and passion fruit juice, Jungle provides all of the benefits you might expect from a fruity conditioner – incredible odor, great shine, and an overall experience that will leave your hair feeling silky smooth!

Lush American Cream Conditioner Review

“American cream – stay away from me!” – these aren’t lyrics you’ll be hearing any time soon, as American Cream conditioner isn’t likely to do anything but attract and endear folks to your beautiful, newly conditioned hair! A medium-strength liquid conditioner, American Cream uses softening honey, lavender, and fresh oranges to soften and calm rough, uncooperative hair.

The strawberry-vanilla scent is responsible for the name inspiration, as the odor harkens back to simpler times in the 1950’s when US Milk Bars offering creamy vanilla and strawberry shakes were bursting at the seams with young patrons.

Lush Veganese Conditioner Review

If you yourself are a vegan, look no further for your ideal conditioner. If you know anyone who might be a vegan (you’d know if you do), they would love Veganese as well! Lush’s lightest conditioner yet, Veganese wasn’t easy to make, as the goal was to concoct a vegan conditioner that did not use lanolin. Eventually, Lush did get the job done, and this wonderful conditioner is the result.

The formula uses agar seaweed gel as the softening agent in favor of lanolin. It also incorporates lemon oil for gloss and shine, and lavender and rosemary to sooth the scalp and hair. Veganese does everything you could hope for out of your conditioner in a vegan package!

Review Of Lush Hair Treatments

Suffering from hair problems that go beyond the typical ailments and issues that plague hair? That go beyond what shampoos and conditioners can fix? No worries – Lush has you covered. With a full range of treatments which are made to treat abused, dull, and out-of-condition scalps, Lush hair treatments use nutrient-rich herbal blends to heal, revive, and restore your hair, unlocking its true potential in terms of both health and appearance.

Each treatment comes with a full set of step-by-step instructions – please follow them! These ensure that you use your Lush hair treatments properly and to full effect. It is absolutely imperative that you make sure you know what you’re buying here, as different treatments accomplish different things for your hair. Read up on each treatment before purchasing!

Different types of hair treatments from Lush.

Hair treatments from Lush.

  • Lush Damaged Hair Treatment: This hot oil treatment is made for damaged hair and can restore smoothness and shine.
  • Lush Kinky Hair Treatment: Made for curly hair that you’d like to smooth, Kinky hair treatment is another hot oil treatment that can make your curls silky and fully hydrated.
  • Lush Tangled Hair Treatment: Knots getting you down? Knot anymore! This pre-wash hot oil treatment settles tangles with its mix of extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and guar gum.
  • Lush R&B Hair Treatment: Looking for a treatment that can moisturize your hair better than any shampoo or conditioner could ever hope to? R&B is the hair treatment for you!
  • Lush Roots Hair Treatment: Thinning hair is not the best look – turn it around with this powerful, revitalizing roots treatment that tingles with a fresh mint and minty oil infusion!

Lush Hair Styling Products Review

Not all of us are looking to shampoo, condition, or repair hair. Some of us like the hair we’ve got, and just want to effectively style it! Thankfully, Lush has what to work with. Hair balms, dressing, styling gel, mists, and more make up this handy, unique and natural line of style products and enhancers.

These products are made to work with any number of different kinds of hair. Whether you’re dealing with hair that is loose, tumbling, dark, light, sleek, straight, curly, or something different entirely, Lush helps you get the most out of your hair with these natural and effective products.

Lush Queen Bee Hair Honey Review

Lush's queen bee hair honey.

Queen bee hair honey.

While it looks more like a slab of cheese than a hair styling product, Queen Bee Hair Honey does more for your hair than cheese ever could. Created to help curly-haired folks control their hair, Queen Bee uses almond oil and cocoa butter to help style curly hair and afros of all shapes and sizes. Also included in the formula are argan oil, corn oil, and more.

Lush Hair Custard Hair Dressing Review

Lush's hair custard hair cover.

Hair custard.

Looking to smooth or soften your hair? Hair Custard just might be the product for you. Hair Custard uses argan oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, and organic honey to moisturize, soften, and smooth hair. And it does this while leaving a pleasant vanilla scent behind!

The product features excellent hold as well – at the end of my day after styling with Hair Custard in the morning, my hair had not ‘deflated’ at all.

Lush Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy Review

Lush's Mr. Dandy hair candy.

Mr. Dandy’s hair candy.

A common problem in the hair styling game is that of unpleasantly sticky products that leave hair and hands with a hard-to-rid stickiness. An earthy styling cream, Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy gives texture and hold to hair without any of the unpleasantness that comes along with a sticky product.

Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy uses fresh bananas, organic jojoba oil, oakmoss absolute, cypress oil, and lime oil. Other Lush hair styling products include: Sunny Day detangler, Sea Spray hair mist, and Dirty styling cream.

Lush Henna Hair Dyes Review

Lush’s Henna Hair Dyes come in block form and are easy to use, providing great results with little hassle. These are a fantastic alternative to unnatural, unsafe, synthetic dyes. I don’t dye my hair, so I can’t speak to results provided by these henna dye blocks. What I’ve generally heard is that they work just as well as the other products in the Lush hair styling category. That’s good enough for me.

Caca Burn,  Rouge, Marron, and Noir make up the current Lush Henna Hair Dye family.

Lush's henna hair dyes.

Henna hair dyes.

How To Make Your Own Lush Products

While I’m a really big fan of the Lush brand and their product range (and would always recommend supporting them), I also love DIY projects. They’re a fun way to save cash, ensure that only the best and healthiest ingredients are contained in your products plus they give you a better insight into how many of the products that we use on regular basis actually work.

Making your own DIY goods is an invaluable skill to have and will only make your life easier and healthier in the long run. While I’m not saying stop buying all branded goods all at once, I think you’ll appreciate quality a lot more once you’ve tried to make your own.

Most of the products you pay a small fortune for in the stores can be made in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price. To give you an idea of how much you could be saving, I’ll list a few of our favorite DIY recipes.

The first is a DIY shampoo bar recipe that I’ve been using for quite some time. Shampoo bars are a great way to make your shampoo last and to keep your hair clean without the hazard of too many harmful chemicals. This is a bit of tricky process and may take a try or two to get right, but once you do, you’ll have personalized shampoo for months!

The next two are a little more simple to try out, so I’d recommend trying them first as a good way to boost your confidence if you aren’t too well-versed in the kitchen or with DIY in general. They are the DIY Bath Bomb Recipe and DIY Lip Scrub recipe we created a while ago. They’re cheap, quick and easy to make. These will also make great gifts over holidays or for birthdays plus who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bath with a bath bomb, or that tingling sensation you get from exfoliating your lips? Two definite must-haves if you ask me!

Finally, we have one of my personal favorites – the DIY conditioner recipe. This is also quite a quick and easy recipe to master and the results will leave you and your hair feeling much better off than before. Natural ingredients are much better for you than the toxic chemicals contained in most conventional conditioners and the results of using chemical-free products will speak for themselves. So if you’re trying to get soft and smooth hair that’s controllable and well-balanced (not to forget strong and healthy), switch to a natural recipe today and start reaping the benefits of healthier hair.


Lush’s hair styling product line is, in a word, comprehensive. All hair categories covered in this feature come together to form a team that leaves no gaps in hair care. Regardless of your hair type, needs, taste, or budget, Lush will have you covered. Visit a Lush store today to experience these amazing products in person!