Avon Eyeliner Review: A Closer Look At Avon’s Best Eyeliners

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Eyes are the window to the soul…or something cheesy like that. Whichever way you spin it your eyes are one of the most prominent features of your face (besides your lips). This means that they’re one of the best ways to express yourself. Eyeliner has been used since the Ancient Egyptian times as a way to enhance this captivating part of your face.

Back in the day (and I’m talking way back) women would use kohl to open up the eyes and as a means of self-expression. Do you think the wing flick just became on trend? Cleopatra was the Queen of Wings long before it came back into popularity. Cosmetic companies have evolved this ancient makeup technique and now we’re literally spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect eyeliner.

So, what does the ‘perfect eyeliner’ look like? There are many factors to what you want a good eyeliner to do. Your top three concerns are smudging, durability and easy application (because we all know that getting the perfect swish is hard enough as it is). That’s where Avon comes in with their affordable yet quality eyeliners. When it comes to achieving the perfect window to the soul, Avon knows their stuff.

Avon Eyeliner Line Breakdown

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With Avon, you truly get high pigmented eyeliners.

There’re three main brands to choose from within Avon’s eyeliner range. The Avon True Color line promises highly pigmented eyeliners. Your eyeliner color is guaranteed to stay all day – which is quite the promise given my experience with eyeliners that seem to immediately smudge or slide.

The Glimmersticks range gives you a creamy eyeliner in a variety of shades that has lasting pigmentation. As if that wasn’t enough the mark brand will have your eyes looking bold and daring in no time. Whether you want a gel, liquid or a pencil Avon’s got the eyeliner for you. And there are different finishes to top it all off – shimmer, matte and long-wearing options make sure that you can customize your eyeliner to your needs.

The most refreshing aspect of Avon’s eyeliners is that they’re tailored to today’s demands. An easy to grip pen for the perfect swipe. Or a built-in sharpener to your eyeliner lid – because we all know you can never find that pesky sharpener when you need it. These added features just highlight how Avon understands what its consumers want – ease and results.

Is that too much to ask? Avon doesn’t think so. And with their large variety of products they acknowledge the well-known but little-recognized adage that one size does not, in fact, fit all. A wide variety of options means that there’s something for everyone.

Top 5 Avon Eyeliners Reviews 

avon eyeliners

Avon’s Kohl Eyeliners

1. Super Extend Precise

Perfect for beginners who want to achieve the coveted ‘wing’ look, the Super Extended Precise liquid pen eyeliner is the place to start. You have effortless control without the need for pulling or tugging as you would get with pencil liners. It glides on with quick precision and heavy pigmentation. It’s basically a thin felt tip for your eye. I couldn’t think of anything easier to get me started on my cat-eyed journey. Just make sure not to apply this directly to the inner rim of the lashes – it’s like a regular liquid liner in that sense.

2. Glimmersticks

This creamy eyeliner gives your eyes that pop that they deserve. Avon’s Glimmersticks glide color onto your lash line smoothly and with precision. I can’t stand eyeliners that take hours to apply (and reapply) so this is a hassle-free option for me. The self-sharpening feature only added to this element – zero upkeep and easy application? Where do I sign up?

Because this is a cream formula you can use it on your waterline too for lasting wear. That’s another great thing about this eyeliner – the wear-ability is long lasting without the smudging. The fact that its cream-based means it contains fatty alcohols in the formula, so I’d be diligent to remove this after a long day. As you should with all of your makeup!

3. Mega Effects Liquid Pen

Avon Mega Effects

Avon’s Mega Effects Liquid Pen

The angled pen in Avon’s Mega Effects liquid liner makes the application that much easier. Putting on eyeliner successfully has literally become an art and Avon definitely got the memo. It’s never been easier to get the perfect wing. The pen itself is sturdy so it’s really easy to fill in any shape you create and draw an even line. As if that wasn’t enough this liquid formula doesn’t smudge at all. It’s a sweat-proof eyeliner with a calligraphy style pen – if your eyes are the canvas, Avon’s got the perfect brush.

4. Dusk Till Dawn Waterproof

Brand ambassador Lucy Hale carries forth the “Be Beauty Brave” motto of mark’s line. Be bold and daring with this range. mark empowers women to push their cosmetic boundaries through customization and experimentation. Daring bold colors and innovative packaging are the foundation of this brand and that’s where their Dusk Till Dawn eyeliner has got you covered. It’s a waterproof formula that is especially suitable for your inner waterline. Seeing as that’s the toughest part of your eye to hold pigmentation, and usually wears off first, this is a feat not to be taken lightly.

5. Always On Point

avon always on point eyeliner

Avon’s Always On Point Eyeliner

Being “on point” is the only way to be. Ask any millennial. So Avon’s Always On Point eyeliner is basically a no brainer. With its creamy formula you literally just draw it on – sharp and precise – for a natural, lasting pop on your eyelids.

Within the cap, there is a sharpener that keeps the tip nice and crisp. It’s a refreshing way to not have to deal with the breakage of those twist cap eyeliners. There’s nothing worse than going for a sharp subtle eyeliner and ending up with a smokey eye thanks to your eyeliner alone. The Always On Point eyeliner ensures you don’t have to deal with that drama.


Seeing as eyeliners have been around since practically the dinosaur age, finding a long-wearing, heavily pigmented eyeliner really shouldn’t be too much to ask at this point. Eyeliners are meant to enhance your natural features and draw attention to your eyes. That being said, nobody wants to be spending a substantial amount of time fussing over such a small section of their body. Avon is a cosmetics brand that seems to have caught on to these complaints and is doing something to about it.

Speaking of ‘doing something’, there’s not much I love more than a brand who not only delivers to their consumers’ needs but is also environmentally and socially active. It’s the responsibility of influential companies to raise awareness on topics that will better our futures. A successful business is essentially a platform for change. In this vain Avon has a long-standing commitment to issues concerning women. Being a “company for women” includes standing for issues like domestic abuse and eradicating breast cancer.

Honestly, I would purchase their eyeliner just to be a small part of this commitment to change. If you’re looking for an easy-in on your eyeliner journey, then try the Super Extend Precise liquid eyeliner pen for worry-free application. Or you could try the Always On Point eyeliner with the inbuilt sharpener. Whatever you’re searching for when it comes to liners, Avon knows where to draw the line.

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