Avocados Aren’t Just For Eating!

Published on Jun 26, 2016 in Bath & Body

Top 10 Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocados Aren’t Just For Eating! It’s no secret to most that in addition to great taste, avocados offer many health benefits to those that eat them. What many do not realize, however, is that avocado oil – the oil extracted from the avocado fruit itself – contains a large number of benefits as well. From eating or ingesting the healthy and tasty oil, to hair treatment, to skin treatment, avocado oil offers a great number of practical and enjoyable benefits, the top-10 of which are highlighted as follows:

Top 10 Benefits of Avocado Oil

1. Vitamin E 

Avocado oil offers an abundance of health benefits that are not provided by the more commonly ingested oils, such as coconut oil or olive oil. One of the most significant of these benefits is the high levels of vitamin E that avocado oil contains. In addition to improved skin and hair health, vitamin E has

Avocado is great for skin

Vitamin E is powerful natural anti-oxidant that’s great for skincare

been proven to decrease risk for heart disease and even help prevent different cancers, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E also contains lutein, an antioxidant that helps fight UV damage to vision as well as age-related macular degeneration.

2. Nutrient Absorption 

According to a 2005 study published in ‘Journal of Nutrition’, avocado oil can boost the absorption of carotenoids in food. Carotenoids are organic pigments found in vegetables that are commonly eaten. However, carotenoids rely on dietary fats in order to be absorbed, and most vegetables that are high in carotenoids are low in fat. Avocado oil, however, is high in healthy fats that allow the carotenoids in the oil to thrive and provide many great health benefits via absorption – from promoting eye and cardiovascular health to helping prevent against tumors.

3. Fights Arthritis 

When combined with soybean oil, avocado oil has proven to be so potent that it has received prescription drug status in France! This food supplement is sold for its anti-inflammatory effects, specifically its ability to help fight arthritis. Four different studies have demonstrated that an avocado oil-soybean oil combination can help significantly improve the symptoms associated with arthritis, specifically in the hips and knees.

4. Fights Gum Disease 

The disease-fighting abilities of the soybean oil-avocado oil combination are not just limited to arthritis. Studies have suggested that when ingested, this combination can help prevent periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease. Periodontal disease can cause bleeding gums, tooth loss and oral tissue breakdown. Avocado oil when combined with soybean oil can block the IL1B protein, which has been proven to be the primary cause of periodontal disease.

5. Improved Hair 

Avocado oil has been known to promote the health of hair when ingested. It can stimulate not only the growth of hair, but the shine and appearance of it as well, in addition to repairing and strengthening it, that’s why Avocado oil for hair is so great!It’s not just about eating the stuff – avocado oil can greatly

Avocado oil is great for improving hair growth and strengthening hair follicles

Avocado oil is great for improving hair growth and strengthening hair follicles

improve the appearance and health of hair simply via direct application. The uses of avocado oil as a hair care product are plentiful – it can be used as a moisturizer, to detangle hair, to remove dandruff, as a simple hair oil and more.

6. Skin Care 

Use of avocado oil, both internally (eating) and externally, can go a long way towards improving the health and appearance of skin. Use of the oil, whether via direct application to the skin or by ingesting it, can moisturize the skin, improve its appearance, and even improve its health. It makes a great massage carrier oil. Avocado oil can even help treat skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, and can heal burns and blemishes on the skin as well. Avocado oil achieves these benefits by triggering the production of collagen, which helps keep skin smooth, wrinkle-free and healthy.

7. Sunscreen

Not only can avocado oil repair your skin; it can help protect it as well. Avocado oil is a proven effective sunscreen, and one that represents a healthier, more natural alternative to the commonly used mass-produced sunscreens that are widely available today. Avocado oil contains a high proportion of mono-saturated fats, which help form a layer of protection on the skin that prevents skin darkening and damage from the sun.

8. Improved Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious problem that can lead to serious consequences, such as heart disease, stroke, or kidney disease. Anyone looking to improve their blood pressure or maintain their healthy blood pressure (in other words, everyone) should be taking advantage of avocado oil. The mono-saturated fats that the oil contains can have a positive effect on blood pressure levels as well as heart-health in general, especially when the avocado oil is replacing unhealthy

avocados for heart health

Avocados are high in good cholesterol (High Density Lipids) which helps to prevent heart disease or high blood pressure

oils in your diet. Avocado oil is also high in potassium, which is known to lower blood pressure in addition to regulating the heart beat and working to counter the negative effects of sodium.

9. Weight Loss

In addition to all of the health benefits already listed, avocado oil can help keep you fit as well! Research has shown that replacing traditional oils with oils that are rich in oleic fatty acids, like oil from avocados, can help reduce abdominal fat. A Penn State study found that people who consumed 40 grams of oils that were rich in oleic acids, such as avocado oil, lowered abdominal fat by an average of 1.6 percent compared to those who ingested oil that lacked oleic acid. Additionally, avocados are known to curb cravings and hunger – a study published in Nutrition Journal found that participants who ate avocados had a 40 percent lessened desire to eat during the hours afterwards as compared to those that did not eat avocados. Avocado oil can even lower risk for diabetes – its high levels of vitamin K help regulate insulin sensitivity and sugar metabolism.

10. Taste 

Avocado oil is a better-tasting alternative to most oils in addition to being a healthier one! Avocado oil has a light, smooth taste and texture that is pleasant in its own right and great to cook with. Avocado oil can be enjoyed on its own or used in salad dressings, frying, baking, or any kind of cooking.

It’s easy to see why avocado oil is growing in popularity by the day. Any food that has this many benefits would be sure to improve the quality of anyone’s life, and the sooner you start using it the sooner you can enjoy these benefits as well!

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